This Week in 200 Word Paragraphs

Apparently today was my last day at 200 WP.  I walked in and the bossman gave me his usual grunt of a greeting “heh” and said, I gave you half the list since you’re leaving on Monday.  Thanks, I said.  Ya, he went on, I guess we can just call it a magical year together.  Then he asked for his set of keys back.

In the two years of living in ny and jumping from job to job, the 200 WP bossman has been one of the biggest constants in my life.  And although we rarely spoke or made eye contact, I would keep him updated on my GRE studying and school applications and decision making processes.  I think he(I?) became oddly attached.  I asked if he had found a replacement, half expecting him to smile at me (for once) and say, How could I?  But instead he nodded toward the swivel seat next to me and said, She’ll do it.  I don’t know what that means.   But I wish I’d known her so we could have had some passing of the spammer mantle ceremony type situation.

I wonder if he ever found my blog?  This post is 200 words!

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