It’s funny. Part of the reason I came home to Chicago for Christmas was because I didn’t want to spend it alone in Brooklyn because that might be depressing. I don’t celebrate anything around the holidays, but everyone else I know does, and the idea of sitting at home by myself made me nervous. So I came home and, as luck will have it, am spending today home and alone. It’s true. Ma Sweet, Sarah Sweet, and StepPa Bourne went to visit our step-family-once-removed in Barrington, Illinois. I think that is also the hometown of Peter’s sister’s fiance, so, I’ll go ahead and point that out now so Peter doesn’t need to go to the trouble of announcing it in a comment below. I have opted to stay home and finish up last minute details for grad school applications to avoid public panic. Fortunately, before they scampered off to flee my grad-app tantrums, my parents were thoughtful enough to leave me half a leg of roast and a raw potato on the counter. For many who celebrate Christmas Day surrounded by family and loved ones and fried meat, these circumstances might seem unfavorable. However, I am quite happy, particularly because this place has everything I can’t afford, physically or financially, like red meat, smoked fish, diet soda pop, berry pies, and cookies, in addition to flower bouquests, unit-controlled heat, 5-at-a-time Netlfix movies, and purple fur coats. This is not a joke. I hope everyone is having a safe and happy day surrounded by things and peoples and foods they love. In Judaism, that is what we do for 8 days, so having a day off is a nice respite until the Sweet-Bournes return and we can play secular dreidle until the kosher cows come home. Challahatcha.

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  1. Cowperthwait says:

    Um, this is just about when we get to see photos of the purple fur coat, right?

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