U.P.S. Bikes & Snowy Collisions

Sustainable Deliveries

In an effort to save the earth money, U.P.S. has added a fleet of bikes to their delivery brigade.  You can read the short NYTimes article here.  The article also includes a short video on U.P.S.’s new hydraulic hybrid vehicles.  So, that’s fun.  (Thank you for sharing, Sean) In related news, it’s snowing in Brooklyn and I just spent 2 hours walking to my local tea store to buy a gift and some breakfast tea.  I was crossing an intersection when I noticed a biker pull up and promptly turn around and stare behind her.  I had two thoughts: One, good for her! Biking in the snow…But really, that’s dangerous.  and Two, I wonder why she’s staring at something behind her.  She’s probably giving mean eyes to that truck parked in the bike line.  Good for her.  And then I realized she was not giving means eyes but instead gawking at two vehicles next to her that had just bumped into each other on the slick road.  Snow is pretty, but dangerous.

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