Best Careers of 2009

Oh, what? Best Careers of 2009, you ask? An advertising executive, you say? Hahahahahahahaha. No. How about Urban Planner? TRENDY! “A multi-faceted job for a multi-talented person.” That sounds like something my mom would say. I hope this doesn’t suddenly inspire a bunch of brilliant transportation engineers to whip up some last minute grad apps in the next two weeks.

UPDATE:  I made the unfortunate decision to read the comments to this particular article and came across this little “soul crusher:”

‘Planning’ always SOUNDED like something interesting in school, but the real job is soul-crushing. The more ‘planners’ raise hope by community interaction, the more they become community targets–as if the ‘planners’ really had decision-making authority!

It’s a thankless and overrated job–not one to be desired as ‘best career’. It reeks of hypercredentialism, requiring a master’s degrees and AICP status–a phoney credential if ever there was one, as ‘planners’ have no real TECHNICAL skills like architects or engineers; AICP just placates a sense of penis envy of real technicians.

oh my.

2 Responses to “Best Careers of 2009”

  1. Sean says:

    clearly the commenter sucks at being an urban planner or regrets his/her field-specific degree. liberal arts 1, universities 0.

  2. admin says:

    Thanks, Sean! Guess what other career is listed in Best of 2009? You’re going to make more money than me.

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