Yesterday was my birthday which means that I am 31 years old which is very anticlimactic and actually I didn’t even bring it up at work because awkward co-worker singing is awkward. Instead I had a birthday party at a trampoline park on Monday night where we did some trampoline jumping and also flips and also dodge ball which is dangerous for couples I do not advise. We weren’t allowed to bring our roast phones onto the trampolines so here is a photo after the trampolining where everyone is still friends.


Then last night Dr. Adam and I went to a fancy restaurant courtesy of Pa Sweet where we ate 6 courses, four desserts, and a several dozen glasses of wine. At first we were trying to be prim and proper because everyone else in the restaurant was old and also riche and we were trying not to wear our “we’re paying with a gift certificate” faces but after 6 glasses of wine we started taking pictures of ourselves and also our meals and then laughing and then asking if we could take the rest of the cheese course back to our dorm in a doggy bag.

Here’s a picture of me holding a glass of wine look at all the drapes in the background, they were also on the ceiling and on the doors it was like a drape fort.


Here is a picture of my birthday desserts (four) with a birthday card.


And here is a picture of me eating my birthday card. I look like a Chuckie doll.


Ma Sweet got me a beautiful bag which I now carry around with me and when I pass other women with beautiful bags I make eye contact and nod because we are in the beautiful bag club. It has so many pockets for snacks and keys and phones and feelings it’s really the perfect thing and also I look like a grown up which is always goal #1.

In other news, SarahSweeter’s gentleman friend, Andrew, passed the Illinois Bar which is code phrase for lawyer exam and guess what he passed! This was a really great birthday present because that means SarahSweeter will be happy and that makes me happy and then Dr. Adam will be happy and it’s really a trickle down effect of happiness.

And now I will conclude with a poem Ma Sweet wrote about my new lady bag, for which she drew inspiration from the renown Ren and Stimpy show. Is that correct grammar? I forgot how hard blogging is.


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