Once upon a time I used to bring my Big Red bicycle on the Caltraincycle when I commuted to and from San Jose. Then one day a conductor said, Halt! Your bicycle is no longer welcome here! I tried to fight the man with words and also my Caltrain cred but to no avail. For six months I walked my last mile trip to the office or waited for a free shuttle and this was not good. And then on the 120th day, the bicycle gods said, let the earth bring forth bay area bike share, with blue bikes that one can rent and ride for free for trips 30 minutes or less! And it was so. And the Metropolitan Transportation Commission brought forth bikes, and bike stations yielding bike trip after bike trip: and I saw that it was good.

Three days later a woman wrote about me on her bicycle internet blog and now I am .02% more famous. Baby steps. Read all about it here!

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