My best friend at work is 23. He’s like a younger brother if I had a younger brother who was a blonde former football bro with conservative leanings and a love of sports sedans. I have girlfriends at work. In fact I have three. And sometimes we stand in the bathroom and talk about our lipsticks. This is true and happened just this week (because omg new Clinique black honey lip gloss). But most of the time my bro friend and I are online chatting between deadlines and have lolz about things we find on the internet. I’m not sure how this relationship evolved. We have few things in common. He’s 23 and may have voted for Romney whereas I spend my free-time online shopping for houses I can’t afford. But we were hired at the same time and do share a love of Icona Pop, memes, and breaking news headlines. He does most of the technical work in the office and I do not. So even though we are at the same employee ranking we are not competitive, which is good because he likes numbers and I also like numbers but only when they are rounded to the nearest ten and color coded and assembled neatly in excel. Sometimes I wonder if the other women judge me in the office. Because often I will sit and talk to the new working moms and we discuss the struggle of maintaining a work-life balance with a toddler at home and I take mental notes before I go play a rousing game of foosball with my bffbro while they go back to being adults. Maybe that is my work-life balance. Or my grown-up life balance. Maintaining a sense of professionally decorum while occasionally regressing into a time long before my quarter life crisis. I don’t know. The good news is Dr. Adam is supportive and whenever he and my bffbro see each other at company events, they talk sports or memes or decimal numbers and I go find my lipstick ladies in the bathroom and all is right with the world.

Oh look, here we are now:

3 Responses to “Bffbro”

  1. Quinoa says:

    Why is the 2nd-from-left hotmom drinking antifreeze?
    PS let’s brunch

  2. admin says:

    Brunch with antifreeze in the mission?

  3. Quinoa says:

    I mean, to be a brunch spot in the Mission, we need to make the name a little more twee. “Antifreeze Depository”; “Traveler’s Antifreeze”; “Mission Antifreeze Kitchen”.

    But yeah let’s brunch.

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