I’m a grownup now.

Yesterday Dr. Adam and I went to Blood Bath and Beyond to buy a vegetable brush. This is something I never thought I would need but now that I live in California and we signed up for a CSA and receive a weekly delivery of local fresh dirty fruits and vegetables, I need a vegetable brush to scrub them. So we went to the Blood Bath and Beyond and we bought a vegetable brush. Then Adam said, I think we’re running low on forks. So we went upstairs and picked out a new set of flatware and bought three sets and then a new bamboo flatware organizer for our flatware drawer and then some more shampoo (since we’re already here…) and a casserole dish because one time we tried to make some potatoes and the recipe told us to cover the potatoes in a casserole dish and we were like can we use a potato dish? And the recipe book was like, No. Dr. Adam doesn’t like buying new things because all he can see if repacking them when we have to move next summer so now I am hiding everything I buy on the internet under my desk at work. I don’t think he reads HoBaB so we’re safe.

Here’s a photo of me when I was 2-ish riding a bike.
Alice Wheat's first bike.

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