Lamb shank monarch planes

Here’s a recap. Dr. Adam and I have been dating for 12 months I know this blog is not a dating blog and talking about dating is kind of against the rules but the point is it was on Friday and we spent the evening half way between San Jose and San Francisco eating lamb shanks and giving each other presents. He gave me a watch and 6 packs of peanut-butter and jelly m&m’s guess which part was my favorite. I gave him the monarch butterfly chairs which is a plural gift which means it was also a gift for me which is kind of selfish but once we were at the REI and we sat in the monarch chairs for 20 minutes and Dr. Adam said can we get these? and I was like, no way too impractical when are we going to need squatting chairs with only two legs for all the times we haven’t been camping? Turns out  we need them all the time because now Dr. Adam follows me around the apartment when I get home and whenever I stop to do something for a few minutes he pops a squat in the monarch chair next to me and everybody wins.

Then after the lamb shanks I went to the airplane station to take a flight to the New York State for Lauren and Reid’s big day wedding. I didn’t feel like having any airplane station marteenees so instead I had an airplane station advil PM. Have you tried this? It worked. Not only did I not get scared but I did not wake up until the man next to me hit my arm after we landed. The wedding was the best. I drank just a several dozen glasses of wine and marathon danced for 5 hours. It was really happy. Here is a photo of the chuppah and then the hoisting of the big day couple. My favorite part was doing the hora (because I’m Jew-ish).

Lauren and Reid's big day

Lauren and Reid's big day dance.

Then on Sunday I went to the JFK airplane station and the airline said Ok Alice listen we overbooked the flight we’re real sorry, do you want to volunteer your seat and take the next plane in two hours? I want to say that I said yes because I am altruistic but I said yes because then I would have two hours to eat some shame at the airport which does not make me feel like a good person. Then she said, Ok here’s your ticket for the next plane, I’ve upgraded you to Bizzy Class (that’s inside speak for Business Class) and given you $400 worth of travel vouchers. Then I gave her a wink and ate a double cheese burger. In retrospect this was a mistake, but I did not know it was a mistake at the time, because who in their right mind would know that flying from New York to San Francisco counts as an international flight? Know what you get on international flights? A flying hotel room. I had a huge seat with a toiletry kit, cashmere socks, a pillow, a blanket, head phones, an eye mask, 3 courses of meals, and 15 bottles of wine because apparently nobody else in bizzy class was drinking that night. The woman next to me was a pro at bizzy class and after my 3rd glass of wine I confessed it was my first time then she showed me how to recline my chair and order all the movies for free. Which I did. Here’s the lesson: flying is not scary when you’re eating sorbet and drinking wine in a lounge chair. The bad news is that apparently it costs a million dollars a ticket so I have started a piggy bank and it will be my bizzy class fund but I might only be able to get one seat in ten years so if I fly with Dr. Adam we will have to do switchsies half way through the flight.

I will conclude this post with a list of all my meals in photos.

Delta Business Class Course #1

Delta Business Class Course #2

Delta Business Class Course #3

The end.

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