I broke my muscles

Good night for a soccer sports game. Go frogs!

Guys. I think I pulled by vastus intermedius. I am not trying to be dramatic. I thought I was being a wuss when I got a shooting pain in my right thigh when I bent down to tie my shoe and again when I broke into a failed sprint trot to get to the streetcar this weekend. And when I got to the game tonight, I did 20 minutes of warm ups and stretching and then I ate 3 ibuprofen and I said, Coach put me in! Which was hard because we don’t have a coach and an engineer on our team from the San Francisco Office was like, Just run on! And I was like, ok! And then I ran on to the field and fell down.

I crawled off and sat on the side of the field and pouted for the rest of the game. When I got home I looked up pulled vastus intermedius and the internet diagnosed me with pushing-myself-too-hard-on-the-first-game-syndrome. It is not life-threatening except for my confidence intervals which are dead. Fortunately, I can still bike and walk briskly. But right now I am sidelined. Bad news for the Frogs. My rehabilitation program will include  drinking hot chocolate and doing some light swimming on the weekends. Tune in next time when I break my goggles.

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