Driving Tests

Here’s a fun fact of the day!
Did you know you’re supposed to get your California Driver’s License within 10 days after moving to the state? I learned this while studying for my driver’s license test 7 months after moving to San Francisco. I thought that when I showed up to the DMV and presented my Illinoise license, the woman behind the counter would look at it, look at me, turn to the guard beside her and say, We’ve got another one. And then I would be arrested and put in the San Jose slammer and never ride my bicycle again.

The good news is that they did not ask me when I moved to California which is good because I am not very good at lying and if they asked I would have said, yesterday! while shaking my head and laughing and also sweating. I rode Big Red to the San Jose DMV today at noon and spent most of the time practicing my smiling for my photo instead of my driving facts for the exam which made me nervous when I got the test. But guess what I have a very expensive and important degree in transportation planning and I passed! The guy who graded my test said very unenthusiastically, Ok you passed, and I clapped and said Yaaaaaay!!! when suddenly he turned to throw the test away and I yelled NOOOOO!!! which alarmed him and also the DMV guards, and I said, Sorry I need that for my 4:26pm Show & Tell at work.

Then at 4:26pm I stood up in my cubicle and I said shouted Show and tell time everybody guess what I passed my drivers exam! And then everyone clapped and I was queen for the day.

The end!

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  1. Andy says:

    I pulled a similar maneuver when I moved to Colorado. Luckily there was no secondary driving exam, but I went to the DMV on a snow day from work and the power went out just as: a, I was finishing up the look-into-the-machine eye exam and then 45 minutes later during the picture taking. Bouncers think I’m frowny.

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