REALLY BIG NEWS I got an iScone. Apparently these things have been around for decades years but now that I live in the San FranNeato I needed an iphone to fit in and guess what I got one and I DO. My first thought was: HOW DO I TAKE A PHOTO OF MY IPHONE WITH MY IPHONE TO PUT ON THE HOBAB? (I yelled this I think to the Verizon employee)

Here are my first three iScone photos.

This first photo is called Schports. It’s what I watched on Sunday.


This next one is a photo with my friend Elizabeth and also my sippy cup here we are in the Hilton she was visting from Connecticut and we are patagonia down sweater twinsies.

E & A

And here is a photo of the iScone having facetime with an iPad. I’m pretty sure the rest of the world went through this phase about 5 years ago but to me all of this is magic. Also, I downloaded Angry Birds.

The iScone and the iDap have facetime


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