Ski Onesies I feel great

In other news: my gentleman friend and I are supposed to go skiing in a land called Tahoe this weekend. I have never been to Tahoe but a lot of people in SF name drop Tahoe and now I must go because I must fit in. The last time I skiied was in a land called Connecticut with the Fritchwitts. Here are Sweet, Fritchey, and Berkwitt the Switchwitts pre-ski:

The Switchwitts

And here are the Switchwitts apres-ski.

The end

I only fell once and that was because Connecticut was covered in ice and not snow. The good news is Tahoe is not covered in ice but the bad news is that Tahoe is not covered in snow either. This is bad timing because our Tahoe ski onesies just arrived in the mail from the Ebay yesterday. I asked my gentleman friend if we could have a power couple name like the Fitchwitts and he said: Sciambex? (pronounced: Shawm-bex) Which sounds like exercise apparel or maybe a cleaning fluid. I’ll take it.

Here we are in our skiing onesies. I think my eyes are closed because my onesie reflected the light of the flash and for a moment I was blinded by awesome.

Ski onesies twinsies?

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