The Switcheys and the Fritchwitts

Breaking news: The Fritchwitts are engaged to be mahweed. Ma Petite FreetZ and her doctuh Berkwitt are going to be unionized. I received the news a couple of weeks ago while on the train analyzing Google Campus crash data when I got a text from Ma Petite with a photo of a painting with a ring in it that said, It’s official I’m getting married! I wept and then I fainted.

The Fritchwitts came to visit last week and I spent most of the time holding on to the FreetZ’s arm and petting her ring finger while our Dr. Adams (2!) talked about weddings cells and cancer detection (boring). I don’t have any photos of the four of us on our double dream bicycle date to the ocean and back but here’s a photo of the Switchey’s and the crown the Berkwitt put on the FreetZ’s ring finger. Dreamboat city if you ask me.

The Switchey Reunion

Berkwitt crowned the FreetZ

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