Transportation Parties

The company where I work also known as the Transportation Planning Factory has had approximately 3 holiday parties. The first one we went on a wine train which is a train that you drink wine on. The second was when we hung up christmas decorations in our office including the holiday-neutral snowflake that adorns my cubicle window and then ate some red cookies while we stood in a circle in the front lobby. The third party was at the factory owner’s house in the suburbs where I brought a bottle of red wine and wore a red sweater and got a tour of her walk-in closet (it had multiple hallways dream big). Tonight we are having a fourth holiday party where our office is going to a town 20 minutes away and playing the traditional annual christmas bocce ball. Is this was california christians do? It is all confusing to me. Fortunately I managed to wear my Via Spiga black suede booties which will both intimidate my competition and weaken my game, but at least I will look like a million rubles. Speaking of which – I am going to the Chica-go-go in a week and a half and here’s what I have planned (in order probably):

Hug Rahm
Go to the Sweechigan

Buy bikes for Sweechigan
Give gifts Get gifts
Light candles
Spin dreidels
Repent (is that just Yom Kippur or are we always apologizing on holidays I can’t remember?)
Sounds like fun can’t wait!

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