Secret Blogging: Handshakes

Secret Blogging k here are the rules: I wrote this blog post at work quietly as a secret and then emailed it to myself to post later and now it is later. Ok here it is:

My ballroom dancing trainer and I made up a handshake. This is not a joke. It is a lot of steps and took a lot of practice. We practiced at the end of my workout yesterday in front of the treadmill catwalk and nobody applauded so we went to the front desk and asked Reggie to record it on an internet phone so we can put it on the internet and get famous. I watched it back and it gave me mild second-hand embarrassment but I asked my trainer to send it to me anyway because there is a part where we do a foot clap thing which sounds kind of wrong but it’s like a jive dance move and this is good because this means we are practicing for our auditions for the nationally televised hit program “So you think you can dance with your gym trainer.” YES!

In other news, I am making a list of big ticket birthday presents that I would like to buy myself over the next 5 years want to see the list? ok!
1. A new apartment
2. A new bike to ride on long roads in neon spandex situations
3. A new bike to ride on short roads in professional fancy slacks and skirt suits
4. A several ballroom dancing lessons

This are not in order. I think #2 is going to come first then #3 then maybe #1 and #4 will happen at the same time when I win wealthy and well-coordinated husbands. Dream big. What’s that saying? Shoot for the moon and if you miss you’ll fall among the asteroids?


my boss: Alice, have a minute?
acsweet: Sure boss.

walks to boss’s office

my boss: how’s everything going? busy this week?
acsweet: fine thanks yes.
my boss: great. we want to make you an offer. want to work here with a pay raise and health insurance?
acsweet: oh snap! yes!
my boss: great we’ll give you the details when the big boss gets back in 2 weeks.

Who needs wealthy and well-coordinated husbands when you are employed with health insurance and can buy houses and personal tap dancing training sessions all by your employed and moneyed self??? winawinawinawinawina

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