Business Trips on Cliffs

ok i know HoBaB was down today I sent a panic email to my previous boyfriend website host SeanTice and he sent me a link to a twitter status by the internet who said HoBaB would be down until further notice. It’s back up. Who feels better? This one. So the news is I went on a business trip. I went on a business trip to San Luis Obispo (SLO) to drive a car during peak and off-peak traffic hours to collect data on travel times on county roads. This means I drove 750 miles in two days in a Buick. It was cushy. Four other people from my firm came down to collect data. The guy in charge, two other interns, and an intern who was hired last Fall. The interns all went to CalPoly and talked about civil engineering and modeling. The guy in charge taught the transportation systems course at CalPoly. So most of the conversation was about math and CalTrans and not about bikes or blogging. At one point during dinner last night while I was mowing a steak sandwich the guy in charge turned to me (for the first time) and ¬†asked me how often I drove on interstates back home. I pretended to be asleep.

Then I drove home this afternoon along California Highway 1 which is basically like playing chicken with a cliff face. I listened to Philip Glass and the whole thing was very dramatic for about four hours until I hit San Jose and got on the CalTrain to commute back to San Francisco. In Big Sur I stopped at a restaurant called Nepenthe and got the best seat in the house because I was eating alone. Here was the conversation I had with the maitre’d.

Maitre’d: How many for lunch?

acsweet: Just one.

Maitre’d: Just one?

acsweet: Just one.

Maitre’d: By yourself?

acsweet: By myself.

Maitre’d: Nobody is joining you?

acsweet: I’ll have the steak sandwich.

Here’s my lunch and my view. More photos here.
Oh hello steak sandwich

Pop Quiz: How many steak sandwiches did I eat on this business trip?

Answer: 2 many.

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  1. kaitlin says:

    i would hope that if you learned anything while living in philly that it would be there is no such thing as too many steak sandwiches. enjoyimissyou

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