Day 1 I’m employed in California lookathat

Ok I had my first day. Of work. Ok. I got up at 5:40am wtf that was my bed time maybe 2 months ago and then I took the CalTraincycle down to San Jose and I was like Hello and all the 13 people in my office were like Hello! We’ve been expecting you! And they were all blonde and green-eyed and I said, I’m from New Chicadelphia! And then gave me a desk and my very own cubecycle and email address and computer and laptop and next week I’m going to San Luis Obispo to count cars. Then they took me out to lunch where I had a not very delicious chicken sandwich club situation but that’s ok because I also had sweet potato fries and bonus points every other week the office gets a fruit share and on non-fruit share weeks they have healthy snax like granola bars and milk. And then I took the traincycle home with a colleague and we talked and now we’re besties and then I went out to dinner with my roommate Chris and he’s very nice and laid back because he’s from the California and people here are the chillest and I ate two $2 tacos. Tomorrow Peter is going to help me move a piece of expensive furniture I bought from a girl in Pacific Heights because I’m made of money I don’t have yet. I’m going to use Zip Car to rent a truck. Big moves.

So far being employed in California is very great. This weekend I also went to see Low Red Land play their last show. It was happy and sad at the same time. All of the band members went to Hamilton College and one of the band members used to be straight edge which means he didn’t do the drinking or the drugging and last year he said I should start drinking and now he drinks and also has a girlfriend who happened to also go to Hamilton but they didn’t know each other at Hamilton and then one day they met on the internet and went on a date and realized they had like fitty friends in common and now they’re bf and gf and when you say how did you meet? He says Mutual friends, and she says, the internet. Same thing? Here are photos.

Low Red Land

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  1. kaitlin says:

    this post gave me a lot of feelings. i miss you a lot pal, but am glad your new life in cali is fabulous. i’m coming to visit you west coast rats as soon as possible. xo

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