It’s been a long time since I’ve been up all night but it’s 2:17am and I’m doing math homework and drinking a frappuccino and highliting things in my statistics book like, “the liklehood ratio tests can be used to ascertain the significance of predictors to the model.” The bad news is this homework was due last Tuesday whoops but I was in Boston trying to get the jobs. The chair of our dept teaches my math class and he knows I was in the Boston trying to get the jobs so s’all good.

In other news SarahSweeter was at the Coachella for the weekend. She lost her phone in the grass but then she found it at lost and found. That’s all I know so far.

Here’s a conversation I had with my studio instructor today. (Background: I’m in a four person studio group and we are developing a TOD (Transit-Oriented-Development) Concept for the Market East Station on Septa in downtown Philadelphia).

Instructor: Ok let’s see what you’ve done.

acsweet: Want to see my bike lane? I’m going to propose a center cycle track with three foot curb buffers, 10 ft through-lanes, 11 ft bus lanes, and 5 ft bike lanes and a center turning lane and near-side street lights what do you think?

Instructor: Great. It looks great. I love it.

acsweet: Ok I was going to do a plan view and a cross section and maybe a photo simulation, but so you also think I should I do a 3D rendering of it so people get a better idea of the perspective like they’re right there on the lane biking and feeling great?

Instructor: I wouldn’t waste your time. It’s not critical to the project.

acsweet: It’s critical to my future.

Instructor: ….

acsweet: ….

Instructor: Ok you can do a 3D rendering after you graduate and you’ll get all the jobs you want.

acsweet: Great thanks high five.

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