Wednesday Boringsday

I stopped drinking coffee. I know. This is very dramatic. But on Monday I decided to stop. And so I did. And now I drink black tea. It makes me feel better emotionally and probably not physically but great news I haven’t fallen asleep in class yet win.

In other news we have been interviewing urban design faculty candidates for a position at penn and I am on the search committee (this is a secret maybe don’t tell anyone) and so I have to go to a lot of meetings and talks and I get a “this seat is reserved for alex sweet” sign which makes me feel the most important. I think I am going to take it with me on the bus/subway. That might be dangerous.

In more news, California is flying me out for some job interviews. I know. This is big news. This is all I know. I don’t even know when. Mostly because I have to tell them when. So. That’s great.

And tomorrow it’s going to rain in Philadelphia.

I think that just about covers it, SarahSweeter anything on your end?

6 Responses to “Wednesday Boringsday”

  1. berna says:

    ALEX!!!! CALIFORNIA!!! i mean, cool. i guess. or whatever.

  2. Lauren says:

    I cannot believe I am getting this news via HoBaB

  3. AD says:

    Where else do you get news, Lauren?

  4. kaitlin says:

    alex that is great news!! california is the neatest. can you bring us more delicious coffee i mean when do you leave eeer that sounds selfish too. have the best time and maybe think of me!

  5. Cowperthwait says:

    Where in CA? When? This is important.

  6. Peter says:

    Nice work Alex. You’re gonna do really great.

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