SarahSweeter Comes to Visit

SarahSweeter came over this weekend. I only took seven photos. Here they are.

On Friday Sarah arrived and she felt sick and I said are you going to throw up and she said maybe and I said ok first pose in front of the skyline kgreat.

Cousin Rebecca came over and we ate bad eggplant parm pastas and then we went to bed and then Sarah woke up and I said Sarah? And she said, Better! Let’s clean! So we cleaned my room and threw out 3 garbage bags of old clothes, shoes, jackets, and feelings. I feel great.

Then we went out to dinner so we got dressed up and I wanted to dress like twinsies but Sarah said no so instead we just dressed mostly like twinsies and then we went downstairs and walked ten feet to our left and into Ernesto’s which has fancy flowers in the window and we ate squid. Here we are not really twinsies.

Then on Monday I had the anxieties and SarahSweeter said s’ok I go shopping and do the cooking and prepare you food for the week. Here is Sarah making peeta cheeps.

Then it was time to say goodbye and this made me the saddest and I probably didn’t cry but I probably did and then I rode my bike down the hallway to the elevator to go to school. Byeeeeeeeeeeeee

And then Sarah left me an eating chart because sometimes having a lot of food is confusing. Thank god. I’m the luckiest. Here are leftovers.

Here is the food eating chart.

The end.

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