Swan Lake

Last night I decided I had to see Swan Lake performed by the Pennsylvania Ballet because this sounds posh and also because maybe in my dreams Natty Portman would be performing on stage and then we’d be besties. Tickets were about $3,000,000 a piece but great news students can get $15 half an hour before the show. So I put on my fancy slacks and my fancy shoes and my fur coat and hopped over to the theater where I waited in line for 30 minutes until I was 5 people away from the ticket booth when a large man faced the remaining 100 people in line and announced the show was sold out. This was sad news but also maybe a relief because I secretly knew Natty Portman would not be performing on stage because she was probably spooning with Benji Millepied. So I bought Thai dumplings and beer and went to Meg’s house instead where we talked about feelings. Which leads us to the tip-of-the-day: Fancy slacks and feelings = success any night of the week.

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