Spring Break 2011!!

Ok ready it is Spring Break apparently and for our studio trip we went to Aruba Washington DC! Two days before the trip our studio instructor was like zomg guys guess what I just got called in to be on a jury for a murder trial I can’t go to Washington DC acsweet can you take over? kthanksbye!

So there we were. An orphaned studio group in Aruba Washington DC and there I was on the phone with Planning Directors being like Hieeee it’s Alex k’we come over? And they were like totes we’ll show you some powerpoint presentations and we were like omg we lovelovelove powerpoint presentations!  So we met with the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority and the Montgomery County Planning Department and the Akridge Developers and the Washington DC Office of Planning and the Arlington County Department of Community Planning Housing and Development and then we fainted. We mostly talked about Transit Oriented Development.We mostly ate Indian Food.

Here’s a photo of a Transit Oriented Development called Gallery Place.
Omg a TOD

Here’s a photo of me fainting.
Spring Break is exhausting.

And here’s a photo of Ma Sweet’s new couch in Sweechigan. Everybody’s winning really.
Ma Sweet's new couch

More photos here!

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  1. ma sweet says:

    Loved seeing my new mid-century modern sofa immortalized on HoBaB but just wanted to point out that the photo was taken in the super-cool arts and antique coop studio where my friend Michele Fitzpatrick spotted it and not in my quaint cottage in sweechigan, i.e the cowhide rug and surrounding artifacts aren’t mine!

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