A Tuesday To Do List

Know what today is? No sleeps tuesdays! Ding aling a dingdong. Here’s the drill: Accumulate massive amounts of extra-curricular tasks, jobs, and responsibilities. Take the maximum number of academic credits. Make one of the credits a math class. Remain dedicated to your gym routine. And your head doctor routine. Buy tweed yarn balls from West Elm.

Now, take all of the above and put them together into one week and bingozingoblamo you’ve got nosleepstuesdays!

Here’s what will get done:

1. Job application due tomorrow (priority number one)

2. Read/grade/rank cover letters and CVs for Penn faculty search applicants (priority number two)

3. Write prospectus about transportation research paper that is already one week late (priority-ish)

4. Math homework that will take 30-40 hours and hurt my feelings (priority number one that got demoted four times)

5. Play the Gym/head doctor/husband search round-robin (rescheduled for next year)

6. Go to sleep (rescheduled for Wednesday) UPDATE: Rescheduled for Thursday

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