No Sleep Slundays

Ok here’s the game. Let’s guess what time acsweat will go home. Right now it is 9:27pm.

A. 2am

B. 4am

C. 7am

D. 8am

E. 8pm

I’m going for 8am because then I’ll have enough time to go home and shower before our 10am Mission Fix Aruba Presentation Practice Run Through Clusterfest.

(photo courtesy of routine google search of humans with huge hands)

UPDATE 2:19am: (hint) It’s not A

Update 3:39am: I give up. I’ll be back at 8am. I don’t think that was an option.

3 Responses to “No Sleep Slundays”

  1. Lauren Gaito says:

    I will vote for 7 so you have time to eat cereal.

  2. berna says:

    I’ll take B for 400. Great news though, i’ll be with you every step of the way. added bonus, i’m snowed in at my friend’s parents, so at least there are diet cherry cokes to chain smoke here.

  3. karen says:

    I have to vote for 8 am but, since I am in studio with you and have inside knowledge, I may have an unfair advantage.

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