House of Bland and Blahg!

RIGHT?! As in, god this food is so bland… it’s so blah. This blahg is so blah.  Brilliant, right?  I feel like such an idiot for not thinking of this three years ago. Should I change it? Do I have to buy a new web address domain? Do you think HouseofBlandandBlahg.com is taken yet? Do you think someone else is going to take it before me? Grad school really does make me smahter.

Let’s take a vote:

A. I LOVE IT! House of Bland and Blahg is genius you should totes switch everything immediately right now.

B. You’re the smartest person in the world but switching domain names sounds expensive and time consuming and change makes me nervous.

C. This is the dumbest idea in the world please take this post down.

D. I’m hungry.

4 Responses to “EPIPHANY”

  1. Lauren Faber says:

    1. I think biscotti is plural.
    2. B

  2. berna says:

    e. changing my top sites in safari is hard and i already had to it once when you moved from alexsweet.com pleasedontdoitagain

  3. Lauren Gaito says:

    duh for D.

  4. Peter says:

    yeah, don’t make my life harder….I am just starting to get good at the internets.

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