Great and Other News

Great news. I went to the gym this morning.

In other news: SarahSweet’s birthday is on November 17th. So is Cousin Rebecca’s. And apparently Peter has a birthday between now and Jan 31st so let’s not forget about that.

I secretly want to get SarahSweet the Mixte but she doesn’t want a bike because Chicago does not have enough bike lanes and also I am not a millionaire and now this is also no longer a secret because HoBaB is the most famous blog on the internets.

Maybe when Rahm Emanuel pays me a million dollar billz to pave bike lanez all over the Chicago. Then we can get Mixtes for all the Sweats!

PS. I’m graduating May 16th at noon.* ¬†RSVP for a seat on the guest list.

*fingers crossed?

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  1. Peter says:

    I laughed out loud at your blog today. I never do that. When I read your blog I mean.

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