The day before my last day

I was the last one in the office tonight. I made myself leave at 9:30pm. I walked home. It was foggy. This summer intern project will not be finished by the time I leave tomorrow at 4pm.

Apparently it’s never been finished. A colleague stopped by my cubicle to say goodbye and I lamented that I wouldn’t finish in time and he said, “Yes, that’s the tradition apparently. None of the interns ever finish this project by the time they leave.”

I met with my boss this morning and we went over my report and I saw weeks and weeks of further analysis and writing. At one point I must have stopped breathing because he interrupted himself and said, You’re overwhelmed, and I said yes, and he said, well you’ve gotten much farther than anyone else.

The difficult part will be leaving this project so anti-climatically. It’s beyond frustrating. I will be feverishly working right up until 3:59pm. And then, at 4pm, my boss will take me to Zeitgeist and we will drink “until the fog rolls in.” I hope he tells me Jan Gehl secrets. And then, I’m going back in on Monday and Tuesday to try and finish as much as I can. The internship is officially over, but I emailed the IT guy and had him extend my account for two more days. When I was once elbow-deep in Quarter Life Crisisdom, someone gave me job advice: You should look for a job that you would do unpaid. I guess this is a good sign.

In other news: Today was Intern Britney’s last day. She stopped by my cubicle and told me that the San Francisco Historic Preservation Commission had passed her new document into code and this was a huge success. And then we clapped in my cubicle. And then I said, is this it? And she said yes. And then we got weepy and then we hugged. Twice.

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  1. Cowperthwait says:

    The hugging is clutch.

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