Oh no 2.0

This hasn’t happened in a while. Probably because I’m so busy being famous at the San Francisco Planning Department. But sometimes when I am in a city and I’m like this city is so great and then I am like wait a second. something feels missing. and then I think Oh no. And I miss New York. And then I do that thing where I go to my flickr album and I put it on a slideshow and I watch it and I think Yes. That’s what I miss. The Friendships.

Maybe I should stop documenting things. Then I can avoid memories/feelings in general.

House of Feel and Tear* dot com amiright?

*like cry not like rip. Use it in a sentence: Fritchey can’t tear. Oh no, there I go again.

Whatever I’m going to a party where I will make new friendships and not document them.

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