Master of City Planning Feelings, MCPF

Today was the first day conducting pedestrian interviews for work. I stood outside on the street and asked people if they would like to be interviewed for the planning department. Here’s a fun fact: 70% of the people who stopped were male. Whoops. I win. Survey results lose.

Then I went to the most heated community meeting ever. It was about putting in a park on a street. And some of the community members were super angry and kept standing up and interrupting the powerpoint presentation and yelling angry mean things and we almost had to call the police. I tried to help by passing out the little library pencils to all the angry people to fill out some surveys. Then at the end I talked to one of the angriest of them all and he was very wound up and angry and I tried to calm him with feelings and so I pretended I was my mom and said: That must feel pretty violating when you feel that outsiders are making decisions for your community. And the angry community member nodded and said, Ya, it does. The park design options were hanging around the room and then I handed him a red marker and encouraged him to write something nice about one of the designs he most supported instead of writing lots of negative things about the designs he hated. And he said ok, and took the marker and went to the design he supported and wrote, Hooray!!!  Then we shook hands and I went home and drank a bottle of wine. Maybe I should become a planning therapist. Do those exist? Group therapy except the group is a city? Citywide Therapy? I’ll see if there’s stimulus funding.

4 Responses to “Master of City Planning Feelings, MCPF”

  1. Lauren says:

    You know, you could host city wide therapy walk in sessions at the Jane Jacobs Cafe. Management would be open to that.

  2. Cowperthwait says:

    Which street park were they arguing? I’ll be so mortified if it’s Noe Valley people behaving badly again.

  3. admin says:

    It was Noe valley people behaving badly again. I’d post the YouTube link to the video from last night but I’m scared the locals will be able to track back to hobab. Search: town hall meeting Noe valley.

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