Dates with Britney

Today Britney invited me out to dinner and she said you can toss your bike in the trunk cause I drove my car up from LA and before I could make a poster that said SAVE THE BIKE LANES we were speeding down Market Street in a bright white SUV from a luxury brand that has three letters in it that may or may not stand for Bicycle Mowing Washing-machine. And before I knew it we were cruising the blocks for metered parking spaces and doing U-Turns in intersections and turning right on reds while she talked about how much she loved having her car in the city. I tried to relate but all I could say was, Ya this sure is speedy!

Also, I alerted my boss about my stolen bright orange bicycle pin. He was in a rush to get out of the office because he’s going on vacation for a week so it’s hard to say if his expression of horror was from the theft or from my notifying him of the theft of my bright orange bicycle pin right when he was rushing to get out of the office. Nevertheless, I’m confident he’ll inform the director in the morning and there will be a city-wide search by noon.

Maybe I should replace it with a bright white SUV pin?

PS. I just searched bicycle pin in the google and found this gem. A nice replacement for my cubicle no? BIKES AND DIAMONDS! Buy me things? Speaking of which, Peter are you spending all of your money in Italy right now? Stop it. or Send me things. Like postcards made of gold.

2 Responses to “Dates with Britney”

  1. berna says:

    the proportions of that bicycle pin are confusing

  2. admin says:

    Looks like the perfect size to fit on a gold band.

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