The Bicycle Thief

Well this is unsettling. I returned to work this morning km notice that my cubicle had my robbed. The first week I got here I pinned my bright orange bicycle pin to my beige cubicle wall and here I am and my little piece of personal flare has been stolen. I’m not quite sure what type of event warrants a dept wide email from the summer intern but I think this is close. Or maybe I am over reacting and people saw a sad empty beige cubicle with a bright orange bicycle pin and they thought Oh no someone quit and left behind their flare!

I will find you bicycle pin.

2 Responses to “The Bicycle Thief”

  1. AD says:

    Typical Californian erosion of private property rights. Or maybe I’m thinking of the early Christian community? It’s one of those.

  2. Cowperthwait says:

    I have the opposite problem in my workplace — random stuff keeps appearing on my desk. People gave me a Durkl shirt, bacon moon pies, 6 vaguely homoerotic vampire movie DVDs* and a gift basket with ugly flowers … and that was all last week.

    * This is redundant.

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