Tilda Swinton Bike Lanes

Tonight I went to see I Am Love. A fancy Italian film starring Tilda Swinton. There is a lot of food and flowers and sexy times. I saw it at the Sundance Kabucki Theater also known as the most expensive movie ticket I ever boughts. I sat in the balcony cause that’s where you can bring your beers. There is also assigned seating. I chose seat #9 in the front row of the balcony because the man at the ticket booth said I could “put my feet up.” ¬†The couple sitting two seats down from me were on their iphones the entire time this is not a joke. I wanted to punch them in the face but instead I ¬†watched the movie and cringed at all the bee/flower/pollination scenes spliced between the love scenes and then also when there were feelings I had tears. Good times.

In other news: Today I met with my boss to talk about a pedestrian survey I will be giving out to peeps in North Beach and then he said wanna come to a charrette and I said DUH and then we went into a room and sat down with 5 other designers and talked about how to build bike lanes on Masonic St. It was hard to keep my composure because in my head I kept thinking I’M IN HEAVEN I’M IN HEAVEN, but at one point I managed to squeak, Oh how wide are the traffic lanes? That’s all I could get out without clapping and yelling YAAAAAAAAYYYY.

And then my boss lent me his books and I opened them up and they’re all signed by Jan Gehl. Where am I?

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  1. Karen says:

    In heaven, that’s where.

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