Friend in Common of the Day

Last week gc BD introduced me via email to her old friend from college and tonight we went to a bar for a drink and then he said how do you know Berna and I said well I was living in the New York City and Berna was living in the New York City and one night Peter introduced us and it was happily ever after and we’ve been together ever since.

Then he said I make documentaries. And I said ZOMG and he said I work across the street from you. And then I invited myself over to his office. Friend in Common blind date success. Everybody wins.


Michelle: yea… I’m with Lauren – not enough details in your 2nd to last post

Berna introduced me to her friend and his name is David and David and I went for a drink at a bar called Zeitgeist and everyone there wears flannels and skinny jeans and drives fixed gear bicycles and we sat down and had a nice time and a lot in common because he makes documentaries and I once made a video that won the Transportation Finance Video Contest and then his girlfriend joined us and turns out she’s from Oak Brook and knew my first boyfriend from elementary school who is now married to my bestfriend from Hebrew school. The point is: Small world and Berna did a great job setting up two friends on a friendship blind date.

The end.

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  1. berna says:

    this makes me happy. and wish i could apparate.

  2. Lauren GAITO says:

    1. not enough details in this blog post.
    2. berna, i know how to apparate. harry and I will teach you how.

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