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ZOMG it’s a stamp set of a city!  Who needs $3,000 programs when I can plan with rubber and ink!!!!! SO $MART!!

Guess where I found it. Guess. Ok I’ll tell you. In a store in North Beach called Therapy.  I KNOW.

2 Responses to “BUY ME THINGS”

  1. berna says:

    Ira: When Alex returns home, she blogs about the presents she found herself while browsing in that North Beach corner store with so many feelings in the hopes that someone (Ma Sweet/Peter/Chantyce) will have them magically delivered to her doorstep. [Rustling papers. Simulated stamp noise. Bicycle bell. Fingers tapping on a keyboard. Deep sigh]

  2. Lauren says:

    OMG. Do those work in powerpoint?

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