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Friday, September 20th, 2013

Once upon a time I used to bring my Big Red bicycle on the Caltraincycle when I commuted to and from San Jose. Then one day a conductor said, Halt! Your bicycle is no longer welcome here! I tried to fight the man with words and also my Caltrain cred but to no avail. For six months I walked my last mile trip to the office or waited for a free shuttle and this was not good. And then on the 120th day, the bicycle gods said, let the earth bring forth bay area bike share, with blue bikes that one can rent and ride for free for trips 30 minutes or less! And it was so. And the Metropolitan Transportation Commission brought forth bikes, and bike stations yielding bike trip after bike trip: and I saw that it was good.

Three days later a woman wrote about me on her bicycle internet blog and now I am .02% more famous. Baby steps. Read all about it here!

Low Pony Anniversary

Tuesday, September 17th, 2013

Here are some fun facts: July 1st was my 2 year anniversary in San Francisco, July 5th was my 2 year anniversary at work, and August 10th was my 2 year anniversary with Dr. Adam. This is big news I’ll tell you why. My head doctor told me it takes a minimum of 2 years until a place starts to feel like home. And at first I didn’t believe him because I had been in other places that felt like home much sooner than that. The difference was that everything in San Francisco was new: the city, my job, my friends, my gentleman friend. So he told me it would take 2 years and in the meantime I should have friends visit and show them my favorite places and also I should leave the city and then come back. Leave and come back, leave and come back, and every time I came back it would be like coming home. So I did. I went to like 15 east coast weddings. And it worked. Like pavlovian conditioning every time we land in San Francisco Dr. Adam says “We’re home!” and my mouth salivates.

The good news is I still live in San Francisco and I still have my job and also I still have Dr. Adam. Sometimes I get confused and when people ask where I’m from I’m like San Newphillicago! I also got a handful of promotions and am on my third set of business cards which is exciting and now senior staff are sending me to meetings with the big guys where I wear my lady business suits and put my hair in a low pony and give firm hand shakes/eye contact which is sign language for success.

In other news: Did you know that Ma Sweet bought a second Sweechigan house? Baller. It’s the one behind the original Sweechigan house so now we have a compound for parties and frisbee and Thanksgiving family hugs.


Friday, September 13th, 2013

My best friend at work is 23. He’s like a younger brother if I had a younger brother who was a blonde former football bro with conservative leanings and a love of sports sedans. I have girlfriends at work. In fact I have three. And sometimes we stand in the bathroom and talk about our lipsticks. This is true and happened just this week (because omg new Clinique black honey lip gloss). But most of the time my bro friend and I are online chatting between deadlines and have lolz about things we find on the internet. I’m not sure how this relationship evolved. We have few things in common. He’s 23 and may have voted for Romney whereas I spend my free-time online shopping for houses I can’t afford. But we were hired at the same time and do share a love of Icona Pop, memes, and breaking news headlines. He does most of the technical work in the office and I do not. So even though we are at the same employee ranking we are not competitive, which is good because he likes numbers and I also like numbers but only when they are rounded to the nearest ten and color coded and assembled neatly in excel. Sometimes I wonder if the other women judge me in the office. Because often I will sit and talk to the new working moms and we discuss the struggle of maintaining a work-life balance with a toddler at home and I take mental notes before I go play a rousing game of foosball with my bffbro while they go back to being adults. Maybe that is my work-life balance. Or my grown-up life balance. Maintaining a sense of professionally decorum while occasionally regressing into a time long before my quarter life crisis. I don’t know. The good news is Dr. Adam is supportive and whenever he and my bffbro see each other at company events, they talk sports or memes or decimal numbers and I go find my lipstick ladies in the bathroom and all is right with the world.

Oh look, here we are now: