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Bachelorette Tomato Tattoos

Sunday, July 22nd, 2012

Guess what Lydia is getting married. We hosted a bachelorette party type situation for her in San Francisco on Friday night. I have no idea what happens at a bachelorette party type situation but Dana and I were hosting so we made things up. I ordered a box of plastic “loose diamonds” from the internet and threw them around the apartment then made everyone put on temporary tattoos, including 8 vegetable tattoos, 12 diamond tattoos, and 2 smoking rabbit tattoos. This was a good move. Then we went to AsiaSF which is an Asian drag queen restaurant in San Francisco where the food portions are small, the drinks are overpriced, and all the men are prettier than you. It was a blast. I cannot post many photos from the party because they are maybe not safe for work, but I do have one photo of Lydia and one photo of my tomato tattoo.

Here they are. See the loose diamonds in the lower right hand corner? They really add a sparkle.
Lydia's Bachelorette Party Before

You say Tomato I say Tattoo

PS. Today was GC Berna’s birthday! Oh man, I am so proud. Happy Birthday Berna! Next time I will make the tomato in the shape of a heart and have GCBD written in script inside. #Friendshiplove.

Interviews and Appointments

Wednesday, July 18th, 2012

You won’t believe what I did today. I stood outside in San Francisco and I interviewed people on the street. Remember when I did that for an entire summer? Me neither. Today I was helping with a study that is assessing the option of moving the Alcatraz Ferry Terminal to Fort Mason. Very important. So I stood in Fisherman’s Wharf and asked tourists about their modes of transportation. It wasn’t my survey. I didn’t write it or design it and this made it harder to give because I would ask the tourist the survey question and then they would say, I don’t understand the question, and I would say me neither, and then we would both shrug and talk about how cold san Francisco is in the summer. Most of the tourists were either German or from Texas, both of which I have visited, so it was really like talking to old friends. Also, breaking news, everyone drove to Fisherman’s Wharf and then complained that the parking was too expensive.

Alright here’s the most exciting news of all: I was appointed to the Caltrain Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC). This is a very big deal. I am one of three representatives from the County of San Francisco and we advise the Caltrain Board on important things to do or not to do. Sometimes they listen. I applied for the position, then was interviewed over the phone by the head of transportation policy at the SF Mayor’s office, and then was appointed to the committee by the board (unanimously!) shortly thereafter. Last night I went to a community meeting in San Francisco to hear about improvements to one of the main streets in downtown and it was a who’s who of transportation planning. I was making it rain with my business cards. I ran around shaking hands with all the important people and then someone mentioned the head of transportation policy at the mayor’s office and I said, Wait, is she here? And they said, Duh, She’s right there and she is very important. And so I went up to her and I said, Hello it’s me Alice, I am the new rep on the CAC committee! And we stood there shaking hands and smiling at each other for 15 minutes. She was very smart and tall and had short hair and when she spoke about important Caltrain things she would lean in and lower her voice and I would lean in and nod emphatically to show that I understood or at least wanted to but sometimes I would get distracted by her earrings which were silver and long and in the shapes of flowers. At the end I decided she would be my new JSK.

Here is a photo of my new name plate. I am very important.

Things are getting serious.

I broke my muscles

Tuesday, July 17th, 2012

Good night for a soccer sports game. Go frogs!

Guys. I think I pulled by vastus intermedius. I am not trying to be dramatic. I thought I was being a wuss when I got a shooting pain in my right thigh when I bent down to tie my shoe and again when I broke into a failed sprint trot to get to the streetcar this weekend. And when I got to the game tonight, I did 20 minutes of warm ups and stretching and then I ate 3 ibuprofen and I said, Coach put me in! Which was hard because we don’t have a coach and an engineer on our team from the San Francisco Office was like, Just run on! And I was like, ok! And then I ran on to the field and fell down.

I crawled off and sat on the side of the field and pouted for the rest of the game. When I got home I looked up pulled vastus intermedius and the internet diagnosed me with pushing-myself-too-hard-on-the-first-game-syndrome. It is not life-threatening except for my confidence intervals which are dead. Fortunately, I can still bike and walk briskly. But right now I am sidelined. Bad news for the Frogs. My rehabilitation program will include  drinking hot chocolate and doing some light swimming on the weekends. Tune in next time when I break my goggles.

Sports and Pasta Bowls

Monday, July 16th, 2012

Today is a game day. Do you know what that means? I’ll tell you. It means my co-worker picks me up at 8pm and we drive to a turf field in the Western Addition and we play a game of soccer kick-the-ball-towards-the-goal for one hour. It’s harder than it sounds. It’s harder because there have to be three (3) females on the field at all times and we have four (4) in total on the team fingers crossed they all show up.  This means I will be running around for one hour which is the most I have run around in 12 years. It took me approximately exactly seven days to recover from last week’s game day. And then I pulled a muscle trotting to the Trolley. I know. The good news is tonight we are getting our jerseys which is going to do fireworks for our/my morale. Dr. Adam is not coming to the game because instead he is going to stay home and do internet errands and by internet errands I mean buy the following things on the amazon dot com:

  • 1 pasta bowl
  • 1 pyrex measuring cup (rip original pyrex measuring cup that met the our granite counter tops #firstworldproblems)
  • 1 dozen bachelorette beads for Lydia’s bachelorette party

That’s all for now. Let me know if growing up means HoBaB gets boring because I just fell asleep.

Here’s a photo of my new sports cleats and two pairs of sports goggles.


Gchat of the Day: Ma Sweet gets an iPhone

Wednesday, July 11th, 2012
Ma Sweet leaving the office in 5  care to chat?
ACSweet sure
Ma Sweet ok.  i’ll tell suri to call you
ACSweet omg tom and katie holmes’ daughter? or siri?
Ma Sweet Tom and Katie’s daughter of course
Ma Sweet oh no… i feel a hobab gchat of the day coming on
ACSweet are you SPYING ON ME!?
Ma Sweet no but siri is

Cowboy Sports

Sunday, July 8th, 2012

Last night Dr. Adam and I went with friends to the Saddle Rack. Have you heard of the Saddle Rack? Me neither. But it is a country western line dancing bar in Fremont which is in the east bay which is so far away that we rented three rooms at the Saddle Rack Hilton Hotel. We wore plaid shirts and cowboy hats and then line danced. The line dancers were very serious and did not have any facial expressions maybe because they were concentrating so hard. There was a live band and the singer kept toasting “the best country in the world” and then I drank three bud-lights. Here is a photo of our friend riding a mechanical bull.

The Saddle Rack

In other news I joined a soccer team. I know. I also think this is an adventurous but probably short-sighted and bad idea. My company organized the team so we are the Fehr & Peers team and I suggested we be the Fehr & Peers Frogs but we’ll see if that name sticks. We have our first game tomorrow so we had a scrimmage today in Oakland (exotic) and I fell down just about three times and kept saying “so close” every time I missed the goal. I told all the guys on the team that I hadn’t played in 15 years and they said That’s ok we just need 3 girls on our time to qualify for the league. So, that’s good news. Then I came home and took a 3 4 hour nap. Sports are hard.

Update: Sports are harder the next day. I think my leg muscles are broken. The good news is I can fall in to my chair but the bad news is I can’t stand up. I have figured out how to lift up half way by using the arm rests but walking to the office kitchen has been a struggle (physically and emotionally). The F&P Frogs (name pending) have our first official game tonight at 9pm which is about 15 minutes before my bedtime. Half-time naps? Dr. Adam is going to drive me because have you ever biked home after playing soccer sports with broken muscles? I will ask him to take action photos but they might be of me on the sidelines eating orange slices the entire game. Go Frogs!

Update 2: I SCORED A GOAL!!! Dr. Adam was really impressed. He said he wished he had a video camera (next time) but took this photo when we got home instead.

First soccer game in 12 years. And I scored a goal. #stillgotit

Huh, I don’t know how HoBaB looks on your computer, but mine kind of squishes the photos so I look suuuuper skinny. Great work HoBaB.

There is a climbing wall on the roof

Wednesday, July 4th, 2012

Ok here’s the deal. Dr. Adam is a post-doc at the UCSF and that means that he has a 55 second commute to work. It also means that we get mega discounts at the UCSF gym which was built about a week ago and has climbing walls, swimming pools (plural), and a turf rooftop (just one). It does not have a ballroom dancing boxing trainer but that’s ok because it has TWO squash courts and also all of the gym goers are smart scientists and doctors except for Acsweet who is a transportation planner. Here is a photo from my treadmill. Do you see the climbing wall? There is a climbing wall on the roof! This is a dream town.

My new gym. #ucsfpostdocgirlfriendperks

Is this thing on?

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012

I think I’ll start blogging again. Ready begin.


I saw the FreetZ this weekend. I know, I cried too. Besides the crying we also held each other and clapped hands and talked weddings because she is marrying a doctuh (!) and this demands a lot of brainstorming about color palettes and heel heights. There is the FreetZ and her Dr. sitting in a chair for two.  The point is that the FreetZ pulled me aside and said Ok I miss HoBaB and I said I miss HoBaB and then I started crying clapping and decided to start blogging again. Because when you have a feeling and you don’t put it on the internet where does it go?

I’ve been in really high demand recently with weddings and vacations and moving into new apartments with my boyfriends. Is this what being a grownup is? I get on the train in the morning and I see the other commuters and sometimes we’ll nod to each other, but not really because Caltrain Rule  #73: Don’t make eye contact. And then I work for 8 hours and I share work-friendly stories with my co-workers and sometimes when people leave leftover frenchfries in the office kitchen I eat them. And then I commute home and then I make dinner with Dr. Adam and then I’ll rearrange my shoes in the closet, go to bed, and repeat again the next day. I think this is typical, but I’m not sure. The truth is I don’t feel comfortable introducing HoBaB on to my work server because feelings don’t belong at work. Right now I am on the early train home and I am supposed to be working but instead I am HoBaBing shhhhhh. So here we are.

There are a lot of new photos. They live here.  You’ll see all of my vacations. I am doing a really good job of not putting ugly photos of myself on the internet anymore. Ma Sweet was getting angry and said Stop putting ugly photos of yourself on the internet, and I was like ok fine and I stopped. Except for this one. It is called The Evil Switchey Twinsies.


Ok done.