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Breaking News

Sunday, April 1st, 2012

This is breaking news except it is 3 days old don’t be mad. Ok the breaking news is that my office held its annual foosball tournament this past month and guess who won? I’ll give you a guess. First name Alice last name Wheat.

I know right? Here’s proof.


The entire office watched the championship game. My team, The Wheat Thins, plays against the undefeated team, Dan and Stephanie (boring name). We were down 2-8 out of 10 for the win. And we came back and we won. And THEN we had to play again because apparently the way it works is the winning team is the team with the fewest losses. After the first championship game we were tied. So we had to play a second against each other to win. Follow me? The point is now I am famous and also feared by all of my new co-workers. Great work Alice.