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Diaper License

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

Bad news: I left my bike seat diaper on the traincycle this morning. I know. I am also devastated and in tears. Ma Sweet bought me the bicycle seat diaper in Amsterdam. You put it on your bike seat when it is raining and then your bike seat doesn’t get wet. It also resembles a shower cap. I called the traincycle lost and found which worked out really well the last time I left my coffee mug on the train. Hopefully someone will find it and know that it is a bicycle seat diaper and not a baby diaper.

The good news is I got my california drvier’s license! This is very very official. Here’s a terrible photo of me holding a terrible photo of me on my license.

California resident

Superhero choo-choos

Sunday, February 26th, 2012

Here’s a list of photos.

Sometimes I am the first one on the train in San Jose and I stand in the front window for the first 15 minutes clapping like a 5 year old kid until we get to Mountain View and then I scramble upstairs and play it cool.

Front seat on the train choochoo

The mercedes is equally as excited to be on the traincycle.

The mercedes on the train

Then last night we went to our friend’s 31st birthday party and the theme was “capes.” So we went as superheroes here I am as a bike lane super hero which is hard to tell because it is just a pink cape but in mind I knew. My gentleman friend was Captain Grilled Cheese. I think we make a good team though: OMG somebody is parked in the bike lane! Save that biker! And give them a sandwich!

Here we are taking off.

Superheroes birthday party

And here we are flying. Flying is very hard. So hard that I was laughing so hard I couldn’t keep my arms straight. Being a superhero is tough.

To the bike cave!

Then when we save people with bike lanes and grilled cheeses we do our celebration dance:

Action superhero freeze frame.

Then today we went on a 3 hour bike ride. Here’s the map.

The end.

Driving Tests

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012

Here’s a fun fact of the day!
Did you know you’re supposed to get your California Driver’s License within 10 days after moving to the state? I learned this while studying for my driver’s license test 7 months after moving to San Francisco. I thought that when I showed up to the DMV and presented my Illinoise license, the woman behind the counter would look at it, look at me, turn to the guard beside her and say, We’ve got another one. And then I would be arrested and put in the San Jose slammer and never ride my bicycle again.

The good news is that they did not ask me when I moved to California which is good because I am not very good at lying and if they asked I would have said, yesterday! while shaking my head and laughing and also sweating. I rode Big Red to the San Jose DMV today at noon and spent most of the time practicing my smiling for my photo instead of my driving facts for the exam which made me nervous when I got the test. But guess what I have a very expensive and important degree in transportation planning and I passed! The guy who graded my test said very unenthusiastically, Ok you passed, and I clapped and said Yaaaaaay!!! when suddenly he turned to throw the test away and I yelled NOOOOO!!! which alarmed him and also the DMV guards, and I said, Sorry I need that for my 4:26pm Show & Tell at work.

Then at 4:26pm I stood up in my cubicle and I said shouted Show and tell time everybody guess what I passed my drivers exam! And then everyone clapped and I was queen for the day.

The end!

Dress up

Sunday, February 19th, 2012

Last night my gentleman friend and I went on a disney themed pub crawl because San Francisco is full of pubs and also dress-up parties. The costumes were easy because I have gray hair and red lipstick and he had a sharpie marker and a white sweatshirt. I don’t have any photos but I”ll give you a hint, I looked like this:

In related other news: I’m meeting the gentleman friend’s parents tonight. Hopefully this outfit gets just as good as a reception as it did last night?

And now for the unrelated song of the day:

Tahoe sinning and skiing

Monday, February 13th, 2012

Ok I went to the Tahoe this weekend and I did two things: I skiied and I gambled. That’s not true, I skiied and I watched other people gamble. I have never gambled because it’s too risky for my confidence intervals and also my wallet intervals. This was my first time in a casino. It was very exciting. I drank 1 rum and coke while I watched people play black jack for 2 hours. I spent most of the time doing math and counting to 21 but the black jack dealer was faster than me and when he put down a hand in front of my gentleman friend I would go, Oh look a 5 and a 7, that makes, 5, 6, 7, 8, and then suddenly the cards would be gone and someone next to me would be fist pumping and another person would be crying and the dealer would be shrugging and I would still be counting to 11 12 (math is hard). It was exhausting. Then one of our friends lost 200 wallet billz and came up to us and said, Tell me not to take out 200 more dollars to win it back, and just as I said, Don’t take out 200 more dollars to win it back, my gentleman friend said, Take out 200 more dollars to win it back. And so he went and took out 200 more dollars and then won it all back. Plus another $45. Here is our friend and me celebrating with his $245. I am trying to look like I fit in but my eyes hurt from the cigarette smoke and also my gray hair screams: I gambled away all my salon money!

Jing is a millionaire. I have gray hair.

Here are some more photos.

Here is a photo of us on a blue.

It took longer to take this photo than it did to ski down this mountain.

Here is a photo of my gentleman friend on the ski lift. He does ski-eyes-sad-face very well.

Skiing is the most fun

Here is me with a 5 pound bag of chips.

The best part of Tahoe - the snax!

Tahoe Pickles

Friday, February 10th, 2012

I am going to Tahoe this weekend. Again. I know, I am very popular and active in the outdoors. I will be wearing my ski onesie and also my neon green Aruba fanny pack on the slopes and at the casinos. I’m leaving today at 3pm which means I will miss 4:26pm show and tell which is sad news. Now that I have an iScone I can take fancy photos from the slopes and also blog on the go, or BOG.

Here’s a photo of me at the German Tourist Club where they only serve three things: German beer, dried sausage, and pickles.

Here I am having a great time at the German Tourist Club

Show and Tell

Tuesday, February 7th, 2012

We have Show ‘n Tell at work everyday at 4:26pm. It started last week when I received a package at work, probably shoes, and, at 4:26, announced from my cube Who wants to see ma new boots!? The six junior staff sit in a square of cubes next to the kitchen (dream?/danger?) and we all collected in the hallway between our cubes and I held a personal show and tell and some people asked questions and then when I was finished I said, Does anyone else have something they’d like to share with the group? And Stephanie said, I just got a new seat cushion for my office chair and it’s reversible! We all went and looked at Stephanie’s new seat cushion. And then someone else said, Here’s a photo of my cat! And when Ian said, I don’t have anything to share, I said it’s ok just come prepared for tomorrow. And that’s how it started. It doesn’t happen every day but when you do have something to share you wait until the designated time. Today I showed and told about my new zip cord salad spinner that arrived from Amazon. Monica showed us an email of her and her boyfriend’s acceptance letter to city car share after being previously rejected. It all took about 7 minutes. And then we all sat back down in our cubes and estimated minimum parking requirements based on Cupertino’s municipal code ordered more things on the internet.


Tuesday, February 7th, 2012

REALLY BIG NEWS I got an iScone. Apparently these things have been around for decades years but now that I live in the San FranNeato I needed an iphone to fit in and guess what I got one and I DO. My first thought was: HOW DO I TAKE A PHOTO OF MY IPHONE WITH MY IPHONE TO PUT ON THE HOBAB? (I yelled this I think to the Verizon employee)

Here are my first three iScone photos.

This first photo is called Schports. It’s what I watched on Sunday.


This next one is a photo with my friend Elizabeth and also my sippy cup here we are in the Hilton she was visting from Connecticut and we are patagonia down sweater twinsies.

E & A

And here is a photo of the iScone having facetime with an iPad. I’m pretty sure the rest of the world went through this phase about 5 years ago but to me all of this is magic. Also, I downloaded Angry Birds.

The iScone and the iDap have facetime