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oh fml

Thursday, November 17th, 2011

I’m getting spam comments (which I am not approving) because the spambots are searching for key words like “therapist” “feelings” and “head doctor” and finding my feelings blog. i feel famous?

in other news this week we had our professional head shots taken and after doing some happy-eyes-professional-face poses I asked the photographer if he could get some on-street actions shots of me leaning against a tree, shaking hands in front out of a London phone booth, and laughing in front of a bike. i don’t know how many jobs i am going to win but for about 5 minutes i was the most famous person on the streets of San Jose. People were like, WHO’S THAT PROFESSIONAL? Pa-pa-paparazzi.

Alright I’m going to go take out the trash. If I were going to rate this blog on a score of 1 to 5 stars I’d probably give it a triangle at best. The good news is that Thanksgiving is next week which means basically three full daze of eating, feelings, and blogging also known as eating my feelings and blogging about it CAN”T WAIT MY FAVORITE HIGH FIVE

ok this is happening

Friday, November 4th, 2011

here’s a fact. I sit next to a coworker and he started around the same time as me and he is younger than me by a lot. he announces things out loud which at first I thought was to himself but then I realized he said things out loud so we could engage in conversation and be coworker friendships. He arrives before me in the morning so if there is any breaking news he’ll let me know. Sometimes the breaking news is about important things like earthquakes in San Francisco, Steve Jobs, or that it’s raining outside right now. Other times it’s about traffic which I think is boring so I mostly respond by repeating “bike lanes” over again until we meet in the middle and talk about transit.

In other news: I went to NYC this past weekend and had one huge friendship fest. I wore a purple dress which made me feel pretty great and then I ruined my suede boots in the snow which made me feel 50% less great but then I ate soup and played skee-ball and went to a dance party and my confidence intervals were at record breaking widths.

Here’s a photo of friendships:
The tickle game

I have three million other things to say but guess what it’s 10:51pm which is approximately three hours earlier than I went to bed in the grad school but 1.5 hrs past my grown up bedtime. high fives.