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Email of the Day

Tuesday, July 26th, 2011

Hey there,

I was thinking about starting a blog, but I don’t know who to use for hosting it. Is that right? Hosting?

I liked your blog when you had it up. Do you remember who you used for hosting? Was it wordpress? Did you like it? Was it easy? Because I’m not so technically proficient or smart, and my attention span is very, very

Thank you,


Tuesday, July 26th, 2011

I just spent half an hour typing a blog post on my roast phone and saving along the way and I uploaded it and my roast phone somehow erased everything except the first five words. See below. I feel horrible.

Thursday July 28th

Tuesday, July 26th, 2011

It’s July 26 and I have been


Saturday, July 23rd, 2011

On Tuesday I spent four hours counting bicyclists and pedestrians at Apple’s campus in Cupertino. I initially thought this might double as a husband finding mission but turns out I was way off and almost didn’t count half of the subjects because I thought they were in highschool and not ipod designers. A girl with a backpack and a pink ribbon in her hair told me she liked me shoes and then I told her she could have them in exchange for an ipad. No deal. Peter are these the type of negotiation skillz they’re teaching you at Dartmouth Community College?

Misty Blue

Saturday, July 23rd, 2011

Kaitlin and Zach. Can this be your first dance at your wedding? Can’t wait.


Friday, July 22nd, 2011

Ok things are starting to come together. I get up at 5:30am and I put on my grownup clothes and then I ride the Mercedes to the train station where I tap my Clipper Card to initiate the fare collection and then I get on the 6:59am Baby Bullet to the San Jose. I sit on the second floor of the train because it has single seats and the most privacy and also the best views out the window. And then I sit down and do my emails and my crosswords puzzles and then I get to the San Jose, the 10th biggest city in the US, and it is suddenly 80 degrees this is confusing but great news I wore layers. Then I listen to a 14min long podcast of The Moth for my 14min walk to work and then I get to work where I do professional things like update my calendar, drink free coffee, go to meetings, and ask my colleagues what they’re doing this weekend Oh, going camping/hiking/biking/baking/farming/para-gliding? Sounds great. Me too. At meetings we talk about things like company-wide retreats, carpooling, and high speed rail. Then someone suggests replacing the snacks in our Emergency Survival Packs with protein bars and then we vote on it. Today, for lunch, I had a trader joes frozen pesto tortellini bowl. At 5:15 I say goodbye! And I turn on a 14min podcast for my 14min walk to the train station and then I get on the 5:45pm baby bullet to San Francisco and I sit on the second floor because it has single seats and the most privacy and also the best views out the window of all the tech husbands waiting for the train in Mountain View. And then the train conductor says, now approaching Hillsdale and I have been riding this train for three weeks but every time I think Hinsdale!? And the conductor says no, Hillsdale, and then I’m a little bit sad.

UPDATE: I just realized my roast phone didn’t upload the rest of this post and right now it sounds very sad ok here’s the rest:

Then I arrive in the San Francisco and I go to the gym and I realize that going to a gay gym is harder on my confidence intervals than going to a straight gym why isn’t anybody looking at me??? Then I go home and I eat some dumplings and drink some wine or whiskey with my roommates and we talk about bikes and/or plants and then I do my emails and then I go to bed at 10:30p which is an hour past my bedtime. The end.


Monday, July 18th, 2011

Ok good news I found a dry cleaners and a gym things are going great. I found a gym two blocks from my apt and walked up to the front desk and said hi I am interested in learning about a new membership here, to which the receptionist,Reggie, a tall skinny guy wearing teeny-tiny flip-flop earrings started to clap his hands and yell Yaaaaaaaaayyyy!!! That is so exciting!!! And I said, Yaaaaaaaaay!! And for a moment we both stood there at the front desk clapping and cheering at each other until Gwynne, the membership man, came out and shook my hand. I felt like I was the 1,000th new customer waiting to get handed a bouquet of red balloons and 50% off Cliff bars for the month of July.

Turns out people in SF are just this friendly. And when Gwynne started me on my tour Reggie winked and said, You’re going to love it! We’re the cutest gym in the city!!

Turns out he was right. The average body fat percentage of members at this gym is 2. Everyone is full of muscles and aerobic endurance. 2 is I think also the percent of female members. I don’t know who likes girls and who likes boys and who likes both in this place but that’s probably part of the fun/guessing game of living in SF and going to cheering clapping gyms.

I’m pretty amped.

Business Trips on Cliffs

Wednesday, July 13th, 2011

ok i know HoBaB was down today I sent a panic email to my previous boyfriend website host SeanTice and he sent me a link to a twitter status by the internet who said HoBaB would be down until further notice. It’s back up. Who feels better? This one. So the news is I went on a business trip. I went on a business trip to San Luis Obispo (SLO) to drive a car during peak and off-peak traffic hours to collect data on travel times on county roads. This means I drove 750 miles in two days in a Buick. It was cushy. Four other people from my firm came down to collect data. The guy in charge, two other interns, and an intern who was hired last Fall. The interns all went to CalPoly and talked about civil engineering and modeling. The guy in charge taught the transportation systems course at CalPoly. So most of the conversation was about math and CalTrans and not about bikes or blogging. At one point during dinner last night while I was mowing a steak sandwich the guy in charge turned to me (for the first time) and  asked me how often I drove on interstates back home. I pretended to be asleep.

Then I drove home this afternoon along California Highway 1 which is basically like playing chicken with a cliff face. I listened to Philip Glass and the whole thing was very dramatic for about four hours until I hit San Jose and got on the CalTrain to commute back to San Francisco. In Big Sur I stopped at a restaurant called Nepenthe and got the best seat in the house because I was eating alone. Here was the conversation I had with the maitre’d.

Maitre’d: How many for lunch?

acsweet: Just one.

Maitre’d: Just one?

acsweet: Just one.

Maitre’d: By yourself?

acsweet: By myself.

Maitre’d: Nobody is joining you?

acsweet: I’ll have the steak sandwich.

Here’s my lunch and my view. More photos here.
Oh hello steak sandwich

Pop Quiz: How many steak sandwiches did I eat on this business trip?

Answer: 2 many.


Sunday, July 10th, 2011
Andy suggests a new dating tactic.
Andy: it sounds like an MTV dating show
Andy: “The Love-Cycle with Alex Sweet”
Andy: you stand on top of telegraph hill and the first person to bike to you wins the third date

First Week

Saturday, July 9th, 2011

I finished my first week of work. Success. I filled out a time sheet. I met the president of the company (his name is Matt. So casual.). And next week I am going on a field trip to San Luis Obispo. Big things are happening. I should buy more work slacks. On Wednesday I decided to buy some furniture and so I rented a car and picked up Peter at his happy place gym and then I drove a red flatbed truck while Peter sat next to me and talked about money and business school. Is this what being a grown up is like?  It’s exhausting. Then we moved a huge dresser up into my apartment which was terrifying but a success and now I am on my way to putting clothes into drawers instead of on the floor. Things are going pretty well.

Here’s my to do list:

Find a bank

Find a gym

Find a dry cleaners

Find a boyfriendhusband gym shoes for the gym

Should be a nice little Saturday. Then tonight Dana Peter and I are going to sit around and not talk about ourselves. Can’t wait!