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PeterB Called

Monday, June 21st, 2010

He said he was returning from a big opening night and he sat next to an 80 year old millionaire who ran a development corporation on 42nd street and he said Mr Millionaire my friend is going to be graduating from urban planning school what advice would you give my friend who is going to be graduating from urban planning school? and he said: Go into architecture.

Making Friendships

Saturday, June 19th, 2010

I’m making friends in North Beach. Mostly because I keep circling the blocks with a clipboard in my hand and stare at people on the street and then write things about them on my clipboard. All the old italian men have started to notice and flag me down and now we’re friends. Sidney’s been sitting in the same green plastic chair for 20 years when he’s not using his MBA to drive around his mercedes (“it’s parked around the corner you go look at it”) and Rio who lives on a boat in the Wharf. We chat about the tourists and the bad restaurants (“they don’t even got a kitchen in there! they deliver the pasta and heat in the microwave don’t ever eat it”) Today I saw my boss for the first time all week and I told him I was making friends and he seemed proud and then he told me he was interviewed on NPR. He wins. But I think I win kind of second-handedly. Like a second hand win. 2HW.

Tonight I went with /jec and friend to see a 9:30pm showing of Toy Story 3. I sat next to a toddler. The movie was brilliant and in the end I cried and then I ran to the muni train and caught it home after /jec and friend gave me quarters and then I ran up the hill because cartoons make me giddy and then I may or may  not have bought a bag of HIT cookies does blogging this make me sound vulnerable?

Here’s something I’m proud of. I can judge a store’s prices by one of three items: HIT cookies, Bonne Maman Preserves, or a pound of carrots. Really the staples of my diet have you seen my kitchen? AH! A pound of carrots is over a $1.50? I refuse. But yes, I will take that $7 jar of jam thank you. I’ll tell you, though, these HIT cookies were way overpriced. And then I ate them. I think I just lost my 2HW.

When does Ma Sweet join twitter?  Can your twitter name be MaSweeter? Nobody will know.

Speaking of which, now you can follow SarahSweeter.

This is Hard

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010

Ok no more. I can’t. The cruiser + hills = broken knees. I was feverishly peddling up a hill in chinatown tonight when a man with a fluorescent neon vest passed me on his commuter bicycle and said, you’re doing pretty good for that and nodded at my cruiser. I would have laughed but I was panting and out of breath so instead I just let him pass and then wept quietly.

Also, for being so progressive and welcoming of all things I cannot find a granny cart anywhere in this city. How do people not use granny carts? How do you buy your groceries I asked my roommates. We drive! Yesterday I put 75 lbs of groceries into my basket and my messenger bag and then walked the bike half way home. I tried three stores in my neighborhood but I don’t know what to ask for. Bascuse me, do you have a granny cart? A what? A small cart on wheels that old ladies use to push around their belongings mostly foods? Oh, no.

I looked on yelp and asked the questions where do I buy a granny cart? People told me to go to Chinatown. Perfect.

Maybe I should have packed mine with the mercedes. or biked here with the rack on my back. what else do you need in SF besides a bike that has one gear and a granny cart?  bliss.


Wednesday, June 16th, 2010

“Whether in Tuscany or Time’s Square, the Urban 6-speed is all about looking good and riding with versatility and ease.  Sometimes utilitarian is chic, and this bike embodies the idea that a city bike should be simple and comfortable.” Urban Six-Speed Bicycle

“Unless you’re in San Francisco, then it’s just really hard to go up.” acsweet

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Comment of the Day!

Tuesday, June 15th, 2010

“Great job Alex!  Try to line up a road bike and let’s do the Alpine Dam Loop in August.” Uncle Paul

Uncle Paul read my blog!

what’s an alpine dam loop?

oh. I just looked it up. Is it called a dam loop because when uncle paul invites you to bike it you say OK!!!!!! then you look it up on the innernets and you see a map of it and that it is 60 miles and you think daaaaaaaammmmmmmm that’s a 60 mile loop.

maybe if I practice going back and forth across the manhattan brooklyn walnut street Golden Gate bridge on my rented dutch cruiser I will build up enough emotional physical strength to find a road bike and bike the dam loop with uncle paul by august. let us pray.


Tuesday, June 15th, 2010

You tell me. This place is freezing. I am using fleece sheets.

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I biked 40 miles

Sunday, June 13th, 2010

Apparently when you bike 22.5 miles one way you have to come back. This thought didn’t cross my mind when my friend Ariane said Hi wants to bike 22.5 miles to Fairfax, CA? and I said Do I!?! Below is a photo of me on the ferry ride back which was supposed to make lives easier but I would argue no, it put us at the ferry building which is far and downhill from important things like my apartment. Shits elevated.  Are swear words offensive?

Uncle Paul I don’t think you read this but I thought about you on the ride because one time last month we went tandem riding which was great and three years ago we rode bikes in Italy except that time was not so great because I panicked and quit and got in the car with my mom who was trailing us in case one of us quit and wanted to get in the car and weep quietly and talk about feelings. The point is I kept up the whole ride today and I even biked up this really big hill at the very end of our 40 miles and everyone was very impressed because I am a fixed-gear bike computer commuter and I just went from being a sprinter to a marathon runner and I think I won. Again, the point is, Uncle Paul I thought of you when I wanted to quit and I didn’t quit and I feel great. Mom if you were here I would have met you at home and we could talk about feelings after I didn’t quit. Everybody wins.

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Don’t I look happy? I’m trying to do more happy eyes happy face photos.

In related news:

Gchat of the day

acsweet: i just got home from a 40 mile bike ride
Bernadette: that’s so long i think i drank 40 beers this weekend, is that close?

At Least I’m Getting Paid

Saturday, June 12th, 2010

Last night my roommate had a bbq and I mingled and started chatting with someone and we played the where are you from what east coast school did you go to game and she said Wesleyan and I was like ZOMG do you know Berna? And she was like duh, how do you know Berna?? And I was like, she’s my gc girl crush friend. You can’t say girl crush here because people have girl crushes and then they turn them into girl friends and then they turn them into wives. Then I excused myself and said k bye I have to get up at 6am to count pedestrians in North Beach.

Then I got up at 6am to count pedestrians in North Beach except that when I arrived at 7:45am there were police ladies on the street and I was like bascuse me police ladies what is happening here and they said Oh duh there’s a half-marathon. And I yelled NOOOOOOOOO because half marathons skew pedestrian counts and I woke up at 6am and biked 30 minutes to count pedestrians for 8 hours. Then I sat on the curb and pouted and played with my new roast smart phone and then biked 30 minutes home.

Then at 2pm I biked back to North Beach and counted pedestrians for 8 hours until 10pm. I’m awicked tired.

Tomorrow I signed myself up for biking 2.5 hours (WTF) to Fairfax. I don’t even know what that is but my friend said want to go to a hippie bbq in fairfax and I said you know I do and she said ok let’s go, and I said GREAT then I looked up directions on the innernets and I was like fml that’s 2.5 hours away by bike. I miss the mercedes.

This blog post is really about nothing. During the day I think of funny things to say but by the time I bike back and forth between North Beach 250 times I lose all sense of humor/memory/discipline and then I just blog so that maybe I’ll get confidence interval hits from Laos. Peter, do you still read this?

Email of the Day

Thursday, June 10th, 2010

Lydia and Fritchey

Originally uploaded by acsweet

“i miss that dirty white couch, and wonder where it is today. in your
life as a professional road whisperer, once all is settled, perhaps
you can make a documentary about it. a traveling white couch pushed
through small stairwells in a dusty city– it’s feelings, pitfalls,
triumphs. ultimately, how the white couch finds its identity by
bringing people together. nothing forced tho– maybe no one even
realizes the movie is about the couch, until it saves a young boy’s
life who is trapped in a fire until he uses the cushions to break his
fall 3 stories down to safety…hmm. maybe this one would go straight
to dvd.” the freetZ

Data Collection Day 1

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

Today I woke up at 6am and then biked to north beach and sat down on one side of the street and counted pedestrians until 2:40pm. At one point a man in a florescent vest came up to me and was like why are you staring across the street with your hands in your sleeves and I had to pause my GirlTalk on my ipod to tell him I was counting pedestrians then he started to tell me about the hard times North Beach was having. Ya, he said, just last month there was a hit and run. Not only do I help out at the police station, I also clean up the homicides. Then he shook my hand and said see ya round!

Then I biked to Fisherman’s Warf where my mentor presented the new plan for Fisherman’s Warf. There was a big crowd and I took notes and thought I can’t wait to make Fisherman Warf plans! Then after the presentation a man who was very bald and very tan said c’mere c’mere and I said yes and he said c’mere let me show you and he took me out to the balcony that overlooked the water and he said ya so out there are all of my boats, and I said wow those look great and he said ya, but you know that Jan guy wanted to put in all these changes that would take out all the boats. And I said, Jan Gehl? And he said, Ya that Jan guy but he can’t cause that’s my business. And I said ya what an idiot. And then he gave me a ticket for a free ride around the harbor.

I like interning in San Francisco. It’s like working for free in new york but getting paid for it.