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Master of City Planning Feelings, MCPF

Wednesday, June 30th, 2010

Today was the first day conducting pedestrian interviews for work. I stood outside on the street and asked people if they would like to be interviewed for the planning department. Here’s a fun fact: 70% of the people who stopped were male. Whoops. I win. Survey results lose.

Then I went to the most heated community meeting ever. It was about putting in a park on a street. And some of the community members were super angry and kept standing up and interrupting the powerpoint presentation and yelling angry mean things and we almost had to call the police. I tried to help by passing out the little library pencils to all the angry people to fill out some surveys. Then at the end I talked to one of the angriest of them all and he was very wound up and angry and I tried to calm him with feelings and so I pretended I was my mom and said: That must feel pretty violating when you feel that outsiders are making decisions for your community. And the angry community member nodded and said, Ya, it does. The park design options were hanging around the room and then I handed him a red marker and encouraged him to write something nice about one of the designs he most supported instead of writing lots of negative things about the designs he hated. And he said ok, and took the marker and went to the design he supported and wrote, Hooray!!!  Then we shook hands and I went home and drank a bottle of wine. Maybe I should become a planning therapist. Do those exist? Group therapy except the group is a city? Citywide Therapy? I’ll see if there’s stimulus funding.

Dates with Britney

Tuesday, June 29th, 2010

Today Britney invited me out to dinner and she said you can toss your bike in the trunk cause I drove my car up from LA and before I could make a poster that said SAVE THE BIKE LANES we were speeding down Market Street in a bright white SUV from a luxury brand that has three letters in it that may or may not stand for Bicycle Mowing Washing-machine. And before I knew it we were cruising the blocks for metered parking spaces and doing U-Turns in intersections and turning right on reds while she talked about how much she loved having her car in the city. I tried to relate but all I could say was, Ya this sure is speedy!

Also, I alerted my boss about my stolen bright orange bicycle pin. He was in a rush to get out of the office because he’s going on vacation for a week so it’s hard to say if his expression of horror was from the theft or from my notifying him of the theft of my bright orange bicycle pin right when he was rushing to get out of the office. Nevertheless, I’m confident he’ll inform the director in the morning and there will be a city-wide search by noon.

Maybe I should replace it with a bright white SUV pin?

PS. I just searched bicycle pin in the google and found this gem. A nice replacement for my cubicle no? BIKES AND DIAMONDS! Buy me things? Speaking of which, Peter are you spending all of your money in Italy right now? Stop it. or Send me things. Like postcards made of gold.

In the meantime

Tuesday, June 29th, 2010


Homemade flare.

The Bicycle Thief

Tuesday, June 29th, 2010

Well this is unsettling. I returned to work this morning km notice that my cubicle had my robbed. The first week I got here I pinned my bright orange bicycle pin to my beige cubicle wall and here I am and my little piece of personal flare has been stolen. I’m not quite sure what type of event warrants a dept wide email from the summer intern but I think this is close. Or maybe I am over reacting and people saw a sad empty beige cubicle with a bright orange bicycle pin and they thought Oh no someone quit and left behind their flare!

I will find you bicycle pin.


Sunday, June 27th, 2010


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Tilda Swinton Bike Lanes

Saturday, June 26th, 2010

Tonight I went to see I Am Love. A fancy Italian film starring Tilda Swinton. There is a lot of food and flowers and sexy times. I saw it at the Sundance Kabucki Theater also known as the most expensive movie ticket I ever boughts. I sat in the balcony cause that’s where you can bring your beers. There is also assigned seating. I chose seat #9 in the front row of the balcony because the man at the ticket booth said I could “put my feet up.”  The couple sitting two seats down from me were on their iphones the entire time this is not a joke. I wanted to punch them in the face but instead I  watched the movie and cringed at all the bee/flower/pollination scenes spliced between the love scenes and then also when there were feelings I had tears. Good times.

In other news: Today I met with my boss to talk about a pedestrian survey I will be giving out to peeps in North Beach and then he said wanna come to a charrette and I said DUH and then we went into a room and sat down with 5 other designers and talked about how to build bike lanes on Masonic St. It was hard to keep my composure because in my head I kept thinking I’M IN HEAVEN I’M IN HEAVEN, but at one point I managed to squeak, Oh how wide are the traffic lanes? That’s all I could get out without clapping and yelling YAAAAAAAAYYYY.

And then my boss lent me his books and I opened them up and they’re all signed by Jan Gehl. Where am I?

Friend in Common of the Day

Thursday, June 24th, 2010

Last week gc BD introduced me via email to her old friend from college and tonight we went to a bar for a drink and then he said how do you know Berna and I said well I was living in the New York City and Berna was living in the New York City and one night Peter introduced us and it was happily ever after and we’ve been together ever since.

Then he said I make documentaries. And I said ZOMG and he said I work across the street from you. And then I invited myself over to his office. Friend in Common blind date success. Everybody wins.


Michelle: yea… I’m with Lauren – not enough details in your 2nd to last post

Berna introduced me to her friend and his name is David and David and I went for a drink at a bar called Zeitgeist and everyone there wears flannels and skinny jeans and drives fixed gear bicycles and we sat down and had a nice time and a lot in common because he makes documentaries and I once made a video that won the Transportation Finance Video Contest and then his girlfriend joined us and turns out she’s from Oak Brook and knew my first boyfriend from elementary school who is now married to my bestfriend from Hebrew school. The point is: Small world and Berna did a great job setting up two friends on a friendship blind date.

The end.


Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

Do you still read this?

K. Can we perform this for the wedding in July? The last bit might be tricky but weren’t you in films? Can’t we do cgi or something? Let me know. We can practice on Saturday morning.

(fast forward to 01:00 for dance sequence)

Text of the Day

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

“I look homeless. I hope my future husband didn’t just walk by.” Volunteer Harvard Planning grad student helping me conduct pedestrian counts in North Beach, or, my new bff.


Monday, June 21st, 2010
Discover Simple, Private Sharing at

ZOMG it’s a stamp set of a city!  Who needs $3,000 programs when I can plan with rubber and ink!!!!! SO $MART!!

Guess where I found it. Guess. Ok I’ll tell you. In a store in North Beach called Therapy.  I KNOW.