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Sunday, May 30th, 2010

There is a cat here. The cat came with the apartment. I think the original sublet posting advertised the cat as some sort of incentive. Look! A lovely sublet in SF! And, bonus! a cat!

The cat in this apartment hates me. At first I thought it was me, and that I was the devil and that is why the cat hated me. But after spending six hours along with the cat, I have decided something else must be amiss. She will cry for my attention and at first I thought, I am needed! I am wanted! She needs my affection! And so I reach down to pet, and I pet and pet until the she swats my hand, bites it, then hisses in my face.

I would like to think that I have had enough experience with cats to assume that this is not normal behavior. Earlier this evening I was on my computer learning about the San Francisco and blogging when the cat came up to me and I said, hello do you love me? And the cat curled up on my lap and I thought yes we are best friends. And then when I tried to move then cat hissed at me twice and I smelled its breath and I was held hostage while the cat sat on my lap. If I moved, it hissed and swatted at my face.  How does this happen?  I think the cat has a lot of feelings. I kept wanting to tell the cat to use its words or to tell me why it had bottled up so much resentment. Did its mom not give it enough attention? Did it feel abandoned? Did the cat resent me for taking the place of the former roommate? Was it using me? My lap? Why can’t I earn its love and affection and trust? The cat is killing my confidence intervals.

Know what makes me feel better? This photo of Lydia.

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Alex Sweet’s Sick San Francisco Map

Sunday, May 30th, 2010

Lydia made me a sick san francisco map in the google. Dozens of places including:  Yong San Lounge. “This place is actually really gross but if you find yourself downtown/nob hill area and want a cheap drink and a seedy experience, go here. It is run by a korean woman who as far as i can tell employs actual prostitutes. on weekends they have free fried chicken.”


–> SF

Sunday, May 30th, 2010

I am in the San Francisco.

Yesterday I went to the top of the Twin Peaks and looked at the San Francisco with /jec.

Today I went to the top of the de Young and looked at the San Francisco with Ariane and Michael.

Here is evidence. Is this place real?

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In other news, now that I have a grown-up smaht phone, I tweet.

Peter Called

Friday, May 28th, 2010

Peter called.  We spent about 45 minutes on the phone talking about how great my his life is right now. He’s polluting driving his mercedes down to NYC to hang out with his work buddies or something else bro-mantic. Then he’s going to the Hamilton College 5 Year Reunion. So is the rest of my world of friendships. Peter, while you’re driving, it might be a good time to rehearse your wheres-alex-sweet response. You could just yell FAMOUS THIN DIAMONDS IVY, etc.  Or, more accurately: bike lanes, parking policy, papers, granola bars, blogging, feelings comas, generally biking heading in the right path to happiness and financial professional success.

I’m gonna go eat Turkish food with Kaitlin, Dana, and Zach.


Friday, May 28th, 2010

Remember when I wrote a paper about parking and finished it in the last day of law class whoops?  I went to go pick it up from Prof V today and I said Hello Professor V! I am here for my paper! And he said (czech accent font), Oh! Hello! Ok… Well, I have your paper but I cannot give it to you! And I frowned. And then he said, I have a handful here that I am nominating for a writing prize and yours is one of them! My first instinct was to bear-hug him but Prof V is 75 years old and also my professor so I thought maybe that is not appropriate so instead I clapped and said yaaaay! And then skipped all the way home.

Operation Move to California Pt. I

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

Mr. Sublet showed up. He started unpacking his stuff in my room and I panicked and took my four suitcases in a cab and moved into Lauren’s apartment down the street. I am here watching television and eating peanut butter. I feel like a celebrity.

Then Rebecca called and we went back to my apartment and picked up the Mercedes. She’s driving it for the summer while she learns how to learn how to be a doctor. Mama so proud.

Now I’m eating more peanut butter and waiting for my video chat pack with Ma Sweet. Life is ez.

Smart Phone Text of the Day

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

“Do you want to video chat pack? Sarah & I r gonna watch “so you think u can dance” then we b free.” Ma Sweet

jsk called

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

This is not a joke. The new York city DOT just called and asked if I wanted a paid summer internship working on their bicycling program. I yelled at them for being so late and they said sorry and I said apology accepted call me next year k? And they said k and then it was over. What’s next? Jan Gehl is going to send me a postcard that says GREETINGS from Copenhagen want to help us build cycle tracks???

Ten Months

Wednesday, May 26th, 2010

Ten months. That is how long my computer has given me an error message when I try to update its software and I say why computer must you be so stubborn I am trying to HELP you and the computer says Error no sorry I do not like the change. It it now two days before I leave for the California and I bring my computer to the computer doctor and the doctor says what is the problem and I say let me show you and I go to update the software and my computer and the computer says, Ok sounds good to me, and updates the software.  WTF. TEN MONTHS and you wait until now to make me look like a fool in front of the computer doctor I should GROUND you for this. Instead, I will blog.

PS. What is the difference between the categories Really? and WTF?

This Makes Me Nervous

Wednesday, May 26th, 2010

The other night we went out for happy hour beers and Danny Bonaduce tapped me on the shoulder twice because I was blocking the stairs to the bathroom. This was confusing. Even more confusing was all these people walking around wearing P’s on their shirts and I thought wella look at all that Philly pride. And then I realized there was a sporting match and men on frozen water were hitting things with sticks and I thought recreation is fun. NPR is in fund-raising mode so I switched my radio channel for the first time in 9 months to a station that talks about frozen water recreation and they said something about the Philadelphia Flyers and the Chicago Blackhawks being in the championship frozen water recreation match and I thought OH NO, do people on the San Francisco Coast follow the frozen water recreation league? I panick.

San Francisco Person: HI, welcome! Where are you from?

ACSweat: HI! I moved here from Philadelphia where I am a graduate student getting my master’s in city planning I just love public transit and bike lanes and studying building typologies.  But originally I’m from Chicago.

San Francisco Person: Wow! OMG That’s so crazy! So who are you voting rooting for?

ACSweat: *blinks*

San Francisco Person: The Flyers? or the Blackhawks?

ACSweat: Yes.

Maybe I will wear my bike pin so people get distracted easily when I don’t know anything about sportings. Is commuting on a bicycle a sport?