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Sunday, February 28th, 2010

when it is late and I am a graduate student in the undergraduate student library and I can’t focus from all the undergraduate laughter and blackberrying and facebooking and fun-having, I listen to this, and pretend that I am an 8 year old Peter Holzaweorihwhpel and that my babysitter locked me outside of the house during a terrifying thunderstorm one night by accident and that 20 years later only a steady stream of sailing, sunshine, and a career in climate change can help alleviate the fear of rain, thunder, and babysitters cracking lightening bolts.  Then I think, this isn’t so bad.  The action starts at 00:05:45.[audio:]

Gchat of the Day

Saturday, February 27th, 2010

the most exciting thing i have going for me on this saturday night is that i’m using different color pens on the flashcards i’m making.” anonymous?

Bikes, Beards, + Blades!?!

Saturday, February 27th, 2010

Bikes beards & blades?!?

Oh, not beards.  Boards.  Bikes, boards, and blades.  It’s the sports section.  Not the swoon section.


Fire Drill of the Week

Saturday, February 27th, 2010


Click for larger image.

Transit Systems are Hard

Wednesday, February 24th, 2010


“You can’t blame them.  There is a lake there.  They only have half a city.”  Dr. Vuchic on Chicago’s transit system.Here is a photo of me reading Dr. Vuchic’s book.  It matches my hair.

vucan vuchic

k done?

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010

There is part of me that still thinks I am on a very long volunteer weekend excursion and that once this little resume builder is all over I can finally go home to the switchey nest where the FreetZ will be waiting with wine and feelings and peter will come over with a roast chicken and we will eat purple potatoes and then meet taylor and sean and bedient and berna at bar for a dance party and peterb will show up at 3am with a handkerchief in his shirt pocket.  The other day our professor asked us to write a short history on a place and someone said how long of a paragraph and he said oh about a 200 word paragraph.

Can I?

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010

I am sitting in the library and it is 4:47p as I start this post which is prime undergraduate library time and this place is full of girls in leggings & uggs.  This kid sits down across from me at my table and he puts down a yogurt and a bag of baked lays.  Fine.  Libraries are for learning times not for eating times if you’re hungry go have a snack in the cafeteria or eat your chips outside and call the girlfriend you probably don’t have I’m sorry that was mean I’m sure he is very nice.  but he has a cold and that means he can only breathe through his mouth.  and he sniffles.  and he mouth breathes.  and then he opens up the bag of chips and eats one at a time while chewing with his mouth open and breathing at the same time it sounds unnatural and the whole time he is also typing things on his blackberry and mouth sighing.  I stop typing my really important emails to the planning director of Trenton, NJ and stare at him over my screen.  He does not feel my mean eyes, so I give mean eyes to his chips and apparently this does nothing probably because I’m hungry and I kind of want to eat one, so instead I blog, because that’ll really get him.

Planning Friendship Dinners

Saturday, February 20th, 2010

On Thursday night we had dinner at Ariane’s house.  She fed us pasta and cheese and cookies and ice cream with canned peaches.  This is the view from my seat.  Michael is saying something boring interesting.dinner-at-arianes.jpg


Friday, February 19th, 2010

Sometimes it’s hard because the days don’t have defined beginnings and endings and then suddenly it’s Friday and I think something feels not right and then I realize I haven’t blogged in weeks days and that all of my feelings are pent up on the inside and not released on to the internet where they don’t belong.

here is a friday too-doo list:

buy a ham and cheese sandwich for lunch from wawa

outline a site in cambodia and design a circulation system based on traditional design principles (easy)

read the comprehensive plans for Trenton, NJ (easy)

Eat cheeseburgers but not the shame kind the expensive kind at a sit-down restaurant does that still count? (hard)


Tuesday, February 16th, 2010

Here is a song of the day.  Sometimes I listen to this when it is late and I need to stay awake.  The good news is I like the song.  The bad news is I will be listening to it all night while I am designing my brochure for the new mixed-use mountain resort community in Whistler, BC.  Grad school is full of make-believe.