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Studio Solo

Friday, October 30th, 2009

It’s 6:50p.  I am making Excel charts out of Philadelphia census tract data while listening to people having fun at the PennDesign Halloween Happy Hour outside.   Who needs happy hour when you have rats waiting for you at home?  (Lydia and Kaitlin are sitting in my apt omg i’m sorry it’s messy things have been rough).  Here’s a photo of me biking in the studio if the studio was Amsterdam and I was waiting for a traffic light.

biking in the apse

Photo of the Day

Thursday, October 29th, 2009

I’m in the APSE.  I don’t know what that stands for, but it’s the Louis Kahn City Planning Studio space.  It’s 12:27am.  So, naturally, I decided to take a photo of myself under the waterfall.  Then someone said what are you doing.  Then someone else said what are you doing.  Then we took a family photo.

Wish you were here!

Weekly Reading Feelings

Thursday, October 29th, 2009

Every week our transportation professor asks us to hand in some thoughts about the weekly reading.  They’re not graded.  I think she likes reading them on train.  And she wants to know if we’re doing our work.  So every week at the end of class she says, Ok everyone hand in your weekly reading feelings.  It makes me really happy.  I love weekly feelings.

Know what else makes me happy?  Ma Sweet joined Flickr and posted photos from Amsterdamdamdam.  Here’s one she titled Waiting for the Light.  Heavy, I know.  Bikes, photos, and flickr, all in one day.  Oh mom you make me so proud.

Waiting for the Light


:) :( :_O

Wednesday, October 28th, 2009

This morning in Urban Economics our professor showed us a powerpoint presentation on a cost benefit analysis of car traffic and congestion pricing.  I spent the majority of the 90 minute presentation smiling and nodding and clapping.  Sounds distracting.  Then I went to Quantitative Methods where our professor drew numbers on the board and called them calculus and then drew charts and called them natural logs (wtf environmental science?) and then I sat there panicking and sweating and in a general state of fear while my classmates were smiling and nodding and clapping.  Then halfway through class I received the following text message:

Dad:  :_O
acsweet: Did you just text me a smiley face?
Dad:  Yes

This place is an emotional roller coaster.

Bad Timing

Sunday, October 25th, 2009

Know what else is hard?  Riding by the nyc bolt bus every time I bike home from campus.  It’s sitting there, just like the twizzlers in the vending machine.  So close, so cheap.  Then it starts raining and I go home and eat granola bars.  I called Peter right before I didn’t get on the bolt bus tonight to talk about feelings.  Apparently his save-the-world company decided now would be a good time to give him a promotion, now being when he no longer has to pay for my weekly movie tickets/chicken dinners/drinking habits.  Naturally I feel duped and have started looking for NYC summer internships to make up for the next 9 chicken-movie-drink-free months.  The point is, congratulations Peter on not blowing it.  You’re doing a really great job.

And now here’s a photo of me reading in outer-space.

outerspace needs bikes too

Gchat of the Day

Sunday, October 25th, 2009

12:04 AM Ma Sweet: hi just got home from conference.

 me: how did it go?

12:05 AM

 Ma Sweet: it went well and there was a party with dancing and i danced with a friend from california and a wonderful 82 year old woman named Elaine

Psychology Conferences:  1

Graduate School: 0

To Trenton and Back

Sunday, October 25th, 2009

Yesterday I took a transportation field trip to Trenton, NJ.  The purpose of the trip was to evaluate the three transportation systems I took to Trenton, Camden, and back.  The trip took five hours.

Ma Sweet & StepPa Scott are going to Amsterdam tonight.  The purpose is to go to a conference and take photos of bike lanes for me to print out and frame and admire on my fireplace mantel.  The trip will take a week.  Guess who wins?

Here’s a photo of the most attractive ticket collector I have ever seen on New Jersey public transit.

Hello mr ticket collector

Want to see more photos of how to spend your Saturdays on trains?  Click here.

Photo Posing

Friday, October 23rd, 2009

Last night was a Mixer for the 1st and 2nd year City Planning students.  We went to a bar in the city that served 50 cent Miller Highlifes.  I paid with laundry quarters.   High life is right.  By the second hour people started taking posed photos with flash which made me uncomfortable to quite uncomfortable.  Then I took demanded everyone do sad eyes happy face.  It takes practice.  The demanding and the posing.   Here’s a posed photo sans flash (ppsf?) after we drank a lot of high lifes instead of doing our economics homework.  cause that shit’s easy.

Planners posing

Gchat of the Day

Thursday, October 22nd, 2009



mei ran into Andy last night who said he had a 14 page rough draft of his paper

i was like, wtf?

maybe he doesn’t have the internet


anonymousyeah that must be it

i’m doing horribly in school

and i don’t even have a boyfriend

how is that possible?

98% Coffee Mugs

Wednesday, October 21st, 2009

Know what’s hard?  Biking to school with a coffee mug.  It.spills.everywhere.  So for the past month I’ve been borrowing my roommate’s coffee mug because it was apparently built for things like Everest mountain climbing or something else extreme and not on my to-do list (sorry peter, I prefer the indoors sometimes).  It was big and unbreakable and I carabinered (not a GRE word) it to my backpack and then I would drink the coffee six hours later and it would burn my tongue and I was like whoa this is extreme.  So I spent all of my extra free time on the internet searching for my own coffee mug because I have my priorities straight.  At the same time my fellow classmate and bicyclist was also coffee-mug shopping and then we bought separate mugs and today he sat in front of me in our lecture and I saw the mug he bought and I was happy because mine is better.  It’s the little things.

Here is a photo of me drinking from my new coffee mug in the olden times when everything was Sepia colored.  I saw the sticker.


Also, I got at 98% on my Urban Economics assignment.  Grad school iz ez.  That’s not true.  I called out of work for the next two days because I don’t have enough time to receive financial aid and read about the effects of urban design on transportation behavior.  Probably because I spent too much time blogging shopping for mugs.   The end.