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Monday, June 29th, 2009


PeterB & Exploding Bikes

Saturday, June 27th, 2009

Happy Birthday PeterB!

Last night was PeterB’s birthday dinner at Henry’s End where we ate duck and tuna.  Then we ate a 21 layer crepe (for 21 friends?) and had a dance party.  Then I walked two miles home in my Payless espadrilles which was more tedious than painful because one can only go so fast in Payless espadrilles and I was like ughhh this is taking so long.  Do you think if someone googles Payless espadrilles HoBaB will show up on the search listings?  And they’ll click on it?  And I’ll be like, omg someone’s HoBaB in Indiana!  Does that sound desperate?  (my confidence site hits are down like 26% from last month i don’t want to talk about it)

Neither a williamsburg nor a bike

Then today was Williamsburg Walks where I, with my co-chair, planned a bunch of biking events and called them Williamsburg Bikes which is unfortunate because I really don’t know anything about Williamsburg or Bikes and ultimately just ended up feeling like an impostor.   We invited Time’s Up, the forward thinking earth friendly bike professionals, to camp out and help visitors with bike repair.  I put myself first in line which was a huge mistake.  The bike man was like, wtf is this a schwinn? and I was all, I don’t know can you fix it?  Then he just put grease all over the chain and was like, um… try that.  Then twenty minutes before our big Williamsburg Bikes tour, there was a huge boom.  Everyone on the street was like, AHHH and I was like, AHHH was that a gun?  It wasn’t until ten minutes later when I heard someone say, Oh man, that sucks man look at that bike, that I realized the boom was not a gun but the sound of my bike’s front tire, which had exploded. Then I had to do the exploded-front-bike-tire walk of shame to the nearest bike shop where a second earth friendly bike man was like, wtf did you do to your bike is this a schwinn?  and I was like, can I watch you fix it I’m embarrassed, and so he said ok give me $13 so I did and he winked at me and now my wheel wobbles.

Rollerblading was never this hard.

See PeterB Birthday photos here.  See Williamsburg Walks Photos here.

Email of the Day

Thursday, June 25th, 2009

is this wrong?

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The Switcheys Reunite Kind Of

Wednesday, June 24th, 2009

You know when you read about celebrity couples breaking up because their schedules are just so busy and they just haven’t had time to see each other and it’s all very sad but still very amicable and they hope to remain the best of friends?  I think the FreetZ came home from Europe on Monday, though I can’t be sure.  Someone was sleeping in her bed when I got home these past two nights, but when I returned tonight, no one was there.  I can just see our story featured in this Fall’s Hamilton Alumni Magazine.

“The FreetZ and the Svede amicably went their separate ways in August after two years of living together in Brooklyn.  ‘I love her.  I always will,’ says the Svede.  ‘But we had busy schedules.  We had different schedules.’  When rumors flew that the FreetZ was off gallivanting around Rome with another bff, the Svede shrugged it off.  ‘We’ve always supported each other, and I think we’ll continue to do just that.’ The FreetZ, who couldn’t immediately be reached for comment, later sent us a personal blog post linking to her most recent collage work, a construction paper and glue piece entitled, Ditchey the Switchey.”

Update: she’s back!

Blue Hill Birthday

Wednesday, June 24th, 2009


Blue Hill Schwartz

Last night we celebrated Aunt Daphne’s birthday at Blue Hill with the Obamas.  Then we went to the frying pan and drank beers on the Hudson.  Uncle Paul wore a party hat the whole night.  Success?  Yes.  Photos.


Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009

Remember when SarahSweet and her friends came home at 4am from that little dance party?

SarahSweet @ SteveAoki

Apartment Shopping

Monday, June 22nd, 2009

Rittenhouse Square

It was difficult to explain my temperament to my future roommate (FR).  We looked at a total of four apartments this morning and I kept wandering through the bedrooms looking for the FreetZ.  I don’t understand, I would say behind tears, this isn’t the Switcheys.

I also blame my clear lack of enthusiasm on the apartments which were mostly filled with cat litter-stained carpeting and other people’s laundry. My FR and I would look at each other and she would point to a hole in the wall and say, There’s a hole in the wall, and then we’d leave, defeated.

But this little trip made it pretty clear that things are changing and even though I like change and am sitting on this bolt bus chanting Yes I Can!, the prospect of moving and starting over is mildly altogether terrifying.  The good news is that my FR is great.  A friend of a friend who will also be getting a masters (and phd omg so smart) at Penn starting this Fall, she enjoys reading books, eating Wheat Meat (what?), and drinking local beers.  FR blind date = success.

And then we found it.  The apartment is a mile and a half from campus, four blocks from (substitute) gc’s new apartment, and sits above Philadelphia Bike Worx bike shop.  o.m.g.w.i.n.  My FR and I filled out the applications, put down our deposits, and I turned to her and said, I’m really excited.  Good, she said, me too.

Then I listened to this song for the rest of the day and looked for places to study bearded boys on bikes.

Weekend Recap: Northeastern in NY

Sunday, June 21st, 2009


I woke up at 4am on Saturday morning to SarahSweet and three of her friends coming home from what I could only assume was an early 1990’s glowstick rave.  Their eyes were wide open, their arms were sore from doing this, and one of the boys had sweated through his blackberry.  The next morning Peter and I fed them bagels and then we saw Year One and then we ate Mexican food with Ma Sweet and then we went dancing again.  Sarah may or may not have thrown her back out.  See photos here.

Right now I am on an automobus to Phila, PA to go apartment shopping.  Apparently going to graduate school in Philadelphia means I will have to live there and not in the Switchey Compound.  This is all new to me so I’m playing things by ear.  Also, I got a 99.99% on my Statistics Midterm.  winawinawinawina

Flying Feelings

Thursday, June 18th, 2009

Here’s a song by Flight of the Conchords singing about feelings.  I got it from this music sampler.  You can too.


(ps. how do i get rid of the code at the bottom of this post? /jec? sean?)

NH Recap

Monday, June 15th, 2009


Camp Schweetz

This weekend we gathered in Lyme, New Hampshire for Aunt Daphne’s Surprise 60th Birthday Party.  There was a lot of food and family and feelings.  Triple success.  Click here for the Flickr photo album.