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Book Club Bluez

Monday, December 29th, 2008

So here’s a photo of Ma Sweet modeling her purple fur coat. Unfortunately, it looks dim in this photo, but I assure you, it screams.

Purple Fur Coat

My parents have been in a book club for 23 years. This is true. It started with a bunch of University of Chicago folks in Hyde Park and has continued even since. After an evening of listening to adults talk about a book we hadn’t read, the hosts treated us some musical entertainment, as they’ve both been taking harmonica lessons for the past three years.  Here is a sampling.


Monday, December 29th, 2008

Almost done.

List of Hate

Saturday, December 27th, 2008

I’d like to use this opportunity to funnel all of my frustration and aggression into a list of things I hate:

Grad School Personal Statements

Freezing Rain

(more to come, I’m sure)


Thursday, December 25th, 2008

It’s funny. Part of the reason I came home to Chicago for Christmas was because I didn’t want to spend it alone in Brooklyn because that might be depressing. I don’t celebrate anything around the holidays, but everyone else I know does, and the idea of sitting at home by myself made me nervous. So I came home and, as luck will have it, am spending today home and alone. It’s true. Ma Sweet, Sarah Sweet, and StepPa Bourne went to visit our step-family-once-removed in Barrington, Illinois. I think that is also the hometown of Peter’s sister’s fiance, so, I’ll go ahead and point that out now so Peter doesn’t need to go to the trouble of announcing it in a comment below. I have opted to stay home and finish up last minute details for grad school applications to avoid public panic. Fortunately, before they scampered off to flee my grad-app tantrums, my parents were thoughtful enough to leave me half a leg of roast and a raw potato on the counter. For many who celebrate Christmas Day surrounded by family and loved ones and fried meat, these circumstances might seem unfavorable. However, I am quite happy, particularly because this place has everything I can’t afford, physically or financially, like red meat, smoked fish, diet soda pop, berry pies, and cookies, in addition to flower bouquests, unit-controlled heat, 5-at-a-time Netlfix movies, and purple fur coats. This is not a joke. I hope everyone is having a safe and happy day surrounded by things and peoples and foods they love. In Judaism, that is what we do for 8 days, so having a day off is a nice respite until the Sweet-Bournes return and we can play secular dreidle until the kosher cows come home. Challahatcha.

Chappy Challahdaze from All of Us

Thursday, December 25th, 2008


See more Holiday Photo Card Practice Poses HERE.

A Nuclear Life

Tuesday, December 23rd, 2008

If you ever wondered what my childhood was like, I think this about sums it up.  Just lounging amongst the ferns in my denim jumper, browsing Monet paintings in the middle of the night.  Apparently Hinsdale, IL, the teardown capital of the country, does more than ruin quaint, historic homes; it ruins fun.


I just spent the past fifteen minutes rummaging through an old stack of photos, trying to find a picture of me basking in the joy of suburban childhood, frolicking with my family in the backyard, or winning a soccer game with all of my friends.  Unfortunately, I recovered this, which does nothing to convince you that my childhood was not altogether different than an episode of Dynasty.

Leather Chair


Oh Spiced Holiday Carrot Cake

Sunday, December 21st, 2008

Welp, here I am at the aeroplane station, again.  I think we all know how it makes me feel.  Horrible.  But I’ll tell you about something that was not horrible.  Last night was the Green Edge Collaborative 2 Year Anniversary Solstice Soiree at reBar.  Not only did we have raffle prizes, wind energy representatives, and a sustainable DJ, we also had a cake contest.  And guess who won that cake contest?

I think it’s difficult to convey in this blog post the joy that Sean and I felt when our number was announced.  We had spent a lot of money(his)/energy/feelings/tears(mine) all day Saturday trying to cook something neither of us had ever made in an oven that, without fail, sets off the smoke alarm.  And there we were: Winners.  Two local chefs, an author, and a citizen critic all agreed that we were the best.  Of course, this is not news to us, but it felt good to have it announced (finally), and to be rewarded with something I could not afford without Sean.  So, I guess, this is business as usual.  Sean also won two other of the most coveted raffle prizes at the party, a private wine tasting and a CSA gift certificate.  *golf claps*

Spiced Holiday Carrot Cake

Also, a special thank you to Berna and T.Booth for making it out and being so supportive of our success.

U.P.S. Bikes & Snowy Collisions

Friday, December 19th, 2008

Sustainable Deliveries

In an effort to save the earth money, U.P.S. has added a fleet of bikes to their delivery brigade.  You can read the short NYTimes article here.  The article also includes a short video on U.P.S.’s new hydraulic hybrid vehicles.  So, that’s fun.  (Thank you for sharing, Sean) In related news, it’s snowing in Brooklyn and I just spent 2 hours walking to my local tea store to buy a gift and some breakfast tea.  I was crossing an intersection when I noticed a biker pull up and promptly turn around and stare behind her.  I had two thoughts: One, good for her! Biking in the snow…But really, that’s dangerous.  and Two, I wonder why she’s staring at something behind her.  She’s probably giving mean eyes to that truck parked in the bike line.  Good for her.  And then I realized she was not giving means eyes but instead gawking at two vehicles next to her that had just bumped into each other on the slick road.  Snow is pretty, but dangerous.

Best Careers of 2009

Thursday, December 18th, 2008

Oh, what? Best Careers of 2009, you ask? An advertising executive, you say? Hahahahahahahaha. No. How about Urban Planner? TRENDY! “A multi-faceted job for a multi-talented person.” That sounds like something my mom would say. I hope this doesn’t suddenly inspire a bunch of brilliant transportation engineers to whip up some last minute grad apps in the next two weeks.

UPDATE:  I made the unfortunate decision to read the comments to this particular article and came across this little “soul crusher:”

‘Planning’ always SOUNDED like something interesting in school, but the real job is soul-crushing. The more ‘planners’ raise hope by community interaction, the more they become community targets–as if the ‘planners’ really had decision-making authority!

It’s a thankless and overrated job–not one to be desired as ‘best career’. It reeks of hypercredentialism, requiring a master’s degrees and AICP status–a phoney credential if ever there was one, as ‘planners’ have no real TECHNICAL skills like architects or engineers; AICP just placates a sense of penis envy of real technicians.

oh my.

Janette and Gary

Thursday, December 18th, 2008

I’m not sure how last night happened. I went to a Thank You party for everyone involved in the New York City Summer Streets events this August. You may remember, I was a traffic marshal and it was one of the happiest days of my life. Attending these sorts of events alone is nothing new though I did call the Freetze to join me, since it was being held at a gallery in Chelsea, but she was too busy selling things to Javier Bardem. Chelsea at night kind of reminds me of a horror film set, except instead of being surrounded by a judgmental film crew you’re surrounded my million dollar art, which, in a way, is equally as condescending. The party was difficult to navigate, mostly because everyone knew each other and I spent most of the time drinking beer and staring at the photo contest entries, which, in my opinion, were ‘meh.’ So there I was, alone, criticizing the amateur photos, and waiting for someone from DOT to hire me when I saw her. I was, in fact, standing next to, Janette Sadik Kahn. I had hoped she would be here but I thought that as the DOT commissioner and my bff she might have better things to do on a Wednesday like fix the f-ing transit fair hike. Hahahah omg Jan I’m tjk. I panicked and tried to think up a witty yet casual introduction, like omg Janette, it’s me, your bff, where did you park your 10-speed? but instead I just started sweating and stood there paralyzed in awe/fear and eventually lurked creepily around the corner to stare at the back of her head.

jsk bff 4 life

Afterwards, in an effort to blend, I started talking with one of the photo contest winners, Gary, who, somehow, casually mentioned during our conversation that he belonged to a rollerblading club in new york city. omg r u 4 real? Needless to say, spent the next 45 minutes accosting him with questions and assessing his bf potential, until, after becoming somewhat uncomfortable with my sustained enthusiasm, he politely showed me some ‘blading techniques. The club travels to different cities where the local police force escorts them through city streets while they ‘blade en masse. Everyone has an advocacy group, we agreed, the pedestrians, the motorists, and the cyclists. But what about the ‘bladers? “We have to stick together,” he said. omg marry me?