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What we meen when we talk about Halloween Music to collage by*

Monday, October 27th, 2008


-the FreetZ

*W, 10/26/08


Sunday, October 26th, 2008

After a wonderful walk through Prospect Park during which Peter and I found our my new favorite spot, we met Sean at the Park Slope cinema to see W.  It was the dumbest.  I mean, the trailer (trailer 2) was kind of exciting, but the movie was one huge disappointment.  I’m pretty prudent about the movies I see because I’m a broke movie snob, but Sean bought my ticket and diet coke so fortunately I didn’t suffer any financial losses.  However, we all agreed it was one huge waste of time.  Sean started laughing at some of the celluloid savior references, like the halos of light hovering above W’s head, and then half way through put his sunglasses on and announced, “I’m bored.”  Anyway, then I tried to remember the definition of perspicacious and started panicking but then remembered it and all was well.  And now, I’m trying to avoid thinking about the GRE while the Freetsey is making collage art and listening to Halloween music on NPR (I know, right?).  The end.  Here’s a photo of Sean, Peter, and me looking bored and disappointed and $11 dollars poorer.

post movie

Saturday Night

Saturday, October 25th, 2008

Oh great it’s just 12:14am on Saturday night and what are you doing? Something fun? Something social? Perhaps picking out the last bits of your Halloween costume as this chick? Or or… listening to dank opera and sketching out your feelings with pastels? Perhaps something more satisfying than memorizing the word blandishment? I think I’ve reached the GRE threshold. I was in an information session this morning (9:45am. really?) and I asked the chair of the urban planning department if the GRE’s are required for admission. He then laughed and said, no they are a waste of time. I subsequently took out my box-o-500 vocab words and scattered them all over the floor/my heart and wept. Then I forced him to tell me all of his feelings about urban planning graduate programs after all the other prospective students realized that couldn’t compete for his attention and left. Win.

Here’s a photo of the box-o-vocab to help you empathize.

box o vocab

Central New Jersey

Friday, October 24th, 2008

Studies like this get me really amped.

“In central New Jersey, all the signs that usually indicate extensive community involvement are there: affluence, education, and diversity. But in reality, participation levels are low. A new study shows that sprawl may be the culprit.

“Levels of volunteerism and civic engagement were found to be ‘average to low,’ despite statistics that also said residents have smaller commutes and shorter workweeks than the national average.

Without public space that encourages informal socializing, or bumping into people as might happen in a small town, people cannot network with each other, she said.

‘Strip malls don’t make the same kind of connecting that town centers do,’ she said.

Informal interactions increase ’social capital,’ a measure of interpersonal networks between people. When it’s high, she said, communities are safer, schools are better, the economy is better, and people are healthier.”

I like the indentation, but I don’t like the bar on the side. How do I get rid of the bar? Sean? Fix things.

Boston Recap

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2008

I took the Lucky Star bus and reviewed geometry formulas until I felt unwell, after which I tried to practice my quantitative comparison skillz but failed and so eventually lapsed into sentence completions because that shits EZ.  Sarah Sweet was waiting for me at the train station looking cuter than me and we went back to her dungeon apartment (I’m older and have nicer things sometimes) where I met her roommate’s cat.  We’re not pet people.  And that sometimes offends others.  But Sarah’s roommate somehow acquired a cat that she named, Sheila.  Sarah calls it Lily after the cat our Dad bought her which was subsequently traumatized by one step(ish) sister and never seen again.  I was strangely obsessed with this Sheila and ended up taking far too many photos.  In fact, we spent most of our time staring at Sheila, occasionally tossing a ribbon in her direction and squealing with delight while we recorded the whole thing with digital camera video. (shudder)  How did this happen?  Anyway then I came home and promptly read HoBaB and felt great until I came across the phrase “camel toe” which was strangely jarring and NC-17, but ultimately felt right and made me proud.   PS.  Sarah Sweet started her own Wishlistr.  Her 22nd birthday is on November 17th which is also a terrorist group in Greece, but no matter… Sarah wants expensive things.  I think she should have a reusable water bottle because I counted 2 Fiji water bottles in her room and gave her mean eyes.  Peer pressure works.  Tell your friends.

Here is a photo of Sarah Sweet and Sheila.  Mom, how does it make you feel?


The Poison Peanut Butter River

Tuesday, October 21st, 2008

FreetZe here covering for the Swede who is busy in Boston. Do not worry friends, she’ll be home tomorrow, late night, with an BandB analysis of MIT v. Harvard for your viewing pleasure. Her notes will likely include the following:

1) % of students sporting Palin up-dos (female)/ pleated khaki camel toes (male) [really? category]

2) % of students laughing and acting popular while carrying disposable coffee mugs/ plastic water bottles/ shopping bags/ babies (ew) [WTF category]

3) % of students with cars parked in the bike lanes (answer depends on the existence of bike lanes) [Peektures category]

4) % of Boston “locals” who compliment her on her smile (note: this is not a good thing) [Feelings category]

5) the ratio of hostile dorks to nerdy hubby types [Things I want category]

Having attended a riveting art therapy lecture this evening on patients with Aspergers and functioning Autism, I hope Sweet will read this and keep tabs on students who express abnormal behaviors/ tics. Apparently, in the Spring of 2007, 1.87% of the student body tounged the light switch on the way to the library 3 times before entering the swinging doors ((backwards) on all fours)). And while we all know from Rain Man that these abnormal behaviors are just casualties of genius, I do not want this to happen to The Swede if she gets in MIT. How will she cook her famous Banana Bread?

In the event that it does happen, I took close notes on the treatments. The Cooperative Robot Sandwich game and the Poison Peanut Butter River game have the highest success rates. The lecturer reported they were buckets of fun, especially when they taped the children struggling to work together, and then laughed in thier faces as they viewed the footage together afterwards. Apparently children with Aspergers are the most socially accepting group of disordered patients. They also find it hard to focus, listen and remember…they remind me of me…peanut butter…
–but back to Boston: Honestly, I would be threatened by this gassy town- with its hip River and bohemian Cambridge district- had the Rays not just humiliated the Red Sox in last week’s championship game. But who could live in town that is the laughing stock of the National League??

Oh the Philly in me is really kickin in. Boston can’t be all that bad. Figure: Benjamin Franklin AND Winslow Homer AND Matthew Himmel were born of that land! And they’re all just right in my book. You know what else is all right? Martin turned on our HEAT!

I’m in Boston

Tuesday, October 21st, 2008

Last night I watched the Hours.  I don’t want to talk about it.  I spent the entire time crying because I was not married to Philip Glass and also because the movie punched me in the heart.  On my way to Lucky Star Bus.  K byeeeeeeee

Last Night

Saturday, October 18th, 2008

I don’t go out much. And by don’t go out much I mean like leave Brooklyn or my apartment or my GRE study guide. Ever. But last night was the season wrap-up party for the Bunt Plugs so we decided to dance at No Malice Palace. The DJ wasn’t really making it happen, so instead we just took pictures of ourselves, which I think would have happened anyway. Here’s a photo of Fritchey and Peter B having a really great time.

peterb and fritchey

Pumpkin Carving Birthday Partay

Friday, October 17th, 2008

Last night we celebrated the Freetsey’s 26th birthday by carving pumpkins, listening to oldies, and eating a roasted chicken all at the same time. See photos here.

Freetsey Carves

Email of the Day

Wednesday, October 15th, 2008

“october 15, 2008: 4:02pm
so it’s day 2 of being 26.  two men came in [to the gallery]- one in all khaki, the other with a tickler gotee.  i thought they were the exterminators.  i cheered and asked them “did you bring the cats?”  they looked confused.  they stopped smiling.  they left.”  S. Fritchey