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250 Miles

Monday, June 30th, 2008

Ok ok ok. So last night I went to the Green Edge NYC Supper Club where everyone brings their favorite organic, vegetarian dish to share and then we all sit around and talk about urban sustainability and feelings. Dream? Yes.

Last night, we listened to Leda Meredith discuss her 1 year experiment to only eat food grown within 250 miles of New York city. Really. That means she only eats what’s in season, hasn’t had a lemon in 11 months, and had forgotten about cashews until her friend offered her some as a snack. The result? She said she’s never felt better. To be more specific: Her skin glows, she’s lost 12 pounds, her energy level has sky-rocketed, and she’s developed profound relationships with the farmers and the community who supply her food. “I hugged my wheat miller this morning,” she told us last night. I want to hug a wheat miller.

Anyway, I bought her book, because it was $18.50 and within my Under $20 Rule and it has recipes and tips and stories. Pretty amped. Then, on July 19th, she’s leading an urban foraging event in Prospect Park where she’ll show us how we can live off the urban oasis by digging up mushrooms and eating leafs.

I mean, that’s great, but let’s not forget the real issue: Is this something I can put on my resume? I have broad and advanced computer skills, can type 250+ words per minutes, and once survived in an urban park for a week by myself,… not…because I was homeless, I mean… I didn’t have a job, but I was doing it because this woman showed me how to eat the trees and, you know, really live off the earth and I had some time, so. Great. Did I mention I’m a liberal arts grad? Ya. Sociology. I know.

Carroll Gardens

Monday, June 30th, 2008

I might move to Carroll Gardens.

Because where else can you find $12 grilled vegetable and goat cheese paninis,


Mercedes driving Netflix users,


and outside trap door living rooms?

Trap Door

Omg. Sean?  Alex.. we.. ya.  Wow. What are you… are you, Do you you live here? But close by? When? August? Omg me too, that’s soooooooooooooooo weird. Wow. So weird. Well, ya, no ya it’s great. Really nice area. Friendly. Safe. Trees. You know, gentrified, but doesn’t scream Park Slope. Say, can you pay for my panini?

Death to The Chocolate Girl

Friday, June 27th, 2008

Remember when Sean turned 6, but really he turned 24, because he has a leap year birthday and even though our divorce had just been finalized, I had one huge frog-themed surprise birthday party for him because even though we’re exbfs, now we’re bffs, and I was like, omg what if I got a frog cake and I went to the local chocolatier/dessert maker, The Chocolate Girl, because I like to support local business and the owners were also Jewish (bonus!) and they were super amped and convincing of their frog-cake making skillz and even Ma Sweet pitched in and then I went to go pick up the (pricey) frog cake from the local Jewish frog cake bakers and then I looked at it and it looked like this:

Frog Cake?

And I didn’t know what to do and I panicked and was furious so I called them and was leaving one huge raging message when their machine cut me off and when I called back their machine was full probably because of all the disappointed frog cake customers leaving raging messages and it’s not like you can return a frog cake, so I always crossed the street when passing their store and gave them mean eyes.

Anyway, I biked past their store yesterday, and guess which kosher owners were packing up and moving out their frog cake failing ovens?

Oh, Just Some Traffic Congestion News

Friday, June 27th, 2008

As I’m sitting here, half unemployed, drinking my Fasting Tea and scanning my sustainable urban planning online news feeds, I came across this little number. You don’t have to read it. It involves a lot of traffic statistics and quotations from freeway engineers. I’ll sum:

Apparently a new freeway was built last year in Southern California because people love love LOVE to drive! And now traffic data is showing that with an increase of more lanes, there has been an increase in traffic. So Officials have decided to go ahead and widen the brand-new freeway to accommodate the driving masses, even though alternatives measures may provide a more sustainable long-term solution. “Officials said the freeway upgrades are still needed, even as rising gas prices cause motorists to rethink their driving habits.” 210 Freeway Traffic Rises After Final Segment Completed, The Sun

Really? I know that criticizing traffic is only a hobby of mine, and I certainly don’t consider myself an expert until I take my GRE and get into grad school (then, of course, I’ll know everything), but I’m reminded of an old traffic engineer aphorism (yep):

“Trying to cure traffic congestion by adding more capacity is like trying to cure obesity by loosening your belt.”

Ovary Fest & How!

Wednesday, June 25th, 2008

This past weekend, Lauren and Carrie came down to the Switchey Compound for a weekend of wine, feelings, and cheese. QLC’s abound, we managed to drink our way through a cocktail party, a botched organic pizza, and long conversations about bfs and ex-bfs and future bfs. Overall, it was a success. “It totally massaged my eggs just where I needed it.” – C. Turv

Here’s a self-timed photo of the three of us.

Carrie, Lauren, Al

Modigliani This

Tuesday, June 24th, 2008


Apparently this is what I would look like if Modigliani painted my portrait. I like that word. Modigliani. Say it out loud. Modigliani. Try it yourself.

That’s Different

Monday, June 23rd, 2008


Platonic Dates and Park Opera Parties

Saturday, June 21st, 2008


Apparently now I’m a regular at Applewood. Sean and I went there for our platonic date last night, where he had Vermont lamb and I had pork (see above). Sean drank a cucumber-infused gin concoction, while I had a spicy margarita. It made me happy. We talked about platonic things like grad school, politics, and the internet.


Then we met up with our friends at Prospect Park and watched the Metropolitan Opera. Well, we watched it on one of several screens that were installed throughout the field, which Peter insists cost $15,000 each to rent. (He’s in Global Warming) We slammed some champagne and took pictures of ourselves. Pretty typical. Here’s a nice one of us really getting into the music.

Greenish Stripe

Friday, June 20th, 2008

Dream is right.

“It has been a long-held dream of New Yorkers of a certain (greenish) stripe: the streets of Manhattan free of cars. Now, for a few hours, on a few streets, on a few weekends this summer, that dream will become reality.”

- On 3 Days in August, City will Try No-Car Zone, The New York Times

Beauty in Trouble

Wednesday, June 18th, 2008

Beauty in Trouble

I met a photographer who wanted to take my picture. Well. He found me after reading about the streaking movie and his whole deal is to take photos of artists. Apparently I qualify. He sent me his website, and he has photos of Kiki Smith and Chuck Close and Philip Glass (gasp). So I agreed to meet him in a public setting in the middle of the day. The meeting went well enough and I said I’d consider being one of his subjects.

He invited me to see a movie last night since he’s only in town for a couple of weeks. We saw Beauty in Trouble, a Czech film about a woman who’s married and has two kids and a shitty husband and gets whisked away by an Italian with a lot of money. Well done. I’m far too empathetic, in general, and so have trouble readjusting after something so engrossing and foreign. I was still thinking about Czech sex when the photographer asked if I was hungry. Yes, but, ugh, fine.

I never felt threatened. Just… bored. Oh great, how many times has your work not been shown at the Whitney? I was hoping he’d order some wine so I could zone out, but instead he got himself a Cherry Italian Soda. wtf. So I drank water through a straw for two and a half hours stressing over how much time I was wasting not studying for the GRE. Apparently he didn’t notice how rude and disinterested I was (am?) and he still wants to take my photo. A portrait. Yes, I was involved in the making of a movie my senior year in college when my parents were paying my tuition and I was taking my clothes off and writing a thesis about recycling. But artist? Hardly. I think he just wants to touch my butt. No thanks.